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How can I fuel for the Boston marathon and run better?
How to Fuel

How to Fuel for a Marathon

Fueling for a marathon can be a bit daunting to tease out. Do you go all fluids? Carry some snacks? Rely on the stations?

Our Head Coach, Charlotte, simplifies this task while discussing how to approach your fueling hours in advance.

The Day Before

Let's start the night before and ensure your glycogen stores are topped up. After dinner, I drink one serving of Maurten 320 Mix or two servings of Enervit IsoCarb.

On Race Day

On race day, don't try out anything new. This is not the time to experiment! Here are some of my favorite fueling options.

3-4 hours ahead of the race: I like to have a Kyoku Breakfast Shake or Vafels with a serving of RX Nut Butter, both options pack in protein, carbs, and fats, giving your body the fuel it needs to get started.

On the Starting line: I'll take 1 Caffeinated Gel (Maurten 100 Caf 100 or SiS Go Energy + Caffeine)

During The Race

Every 20 Minutes, I like to take:

Gels: 1 Gel (Endurance Tap, SiS Go Energy, UCAN Edge)


Chews: 1x stick of SIS Beta Fuel Chews or 3x Clif Bloks

I like to alternate between gels and chews every 20 minutes. With a high-carb fueling strategy, you are eating a lot, and swapping between gels and chews helps.

Note: Chews can sometimes be harder to open, so I recommend you cut the top off before the race. Be sure to experiment with chews in your training before race day.

At the Finish & Post-Race

Enjoy it! You deserve this moment. There's nothing like the finish line of a marathon. Soak it in and get some much-needed fuel back in the tank as soon as you can after the race.

My favorite recovery shake is Swiss RX Total Recovery (packing tons of great nutrients that will help your body start to repair after the hard effort.

Afterward, ensure you have a meal that contains carbohydrates, protein, and fat to continue the restoration process. Your body's fuel tank will thank you!

In 12-24 Hours following, aim for additional protein, carbohydrates, and fat (don't forget plenty of fruits and veggies in there, too!). And lastly, before bed, after an exciting day of running, it can be hard to calm down. Momentous Elite Sleep or Quicksilver Melatonin maybe a great way to help you get to sleep.

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