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should I be taking  NAD, is it effective, reducing the loss of energy, and how to stay fit as I age.
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How to combat energy loss as we age

  • As you get older your production of energy drops, for athletes this even more noticeable.
  • You can do something about it. A proper supplementation routine of micro-nutrients and NAD+ - a crucial ingredient in the bodies ability to product energy in the form of ATP.
  • Your bodies natural NAD+ levels decline with age. By middle age our levels of NAD+ have fallen to half of youthful levels.
  • You can supplement NAD with a pill call TruNiagen and also a liquid liposomal product called NAD+ Gold that you pump into your mouth and keep under your tongue for 30 seconds.

What are you doing to be fit as you can be?

Contrary to popular belief, over 40 you are able to keep getting fitter and stronger when you counteract the effect of age on your body. Below is Part 1 of my recipe for being the best athlete you can be over the age of 40.

The primary focus of the anti-aging medical community these days is on the steady and continuous decline of energy-producing potential in our cells. This is even more important for athletes looking to maintain their training routines as they age.

The best correlation between age and energy they have found is the decline of NAD+ levels (a key energy precursor). This is said to steadily decline with age – by the time we are middle-aged, our levels of NAD+ have fallen to half of youthful levels.

What if we can use NAD+ supplements to get back some of this decline?

Will additional NAD+ help us keep training and be as fit as we can be?

In my experience, the answer to both appears to be YES.

Through my own usage of NAD supplements, I have noticed a measurable ability to train longer in addition to maintaining higher training levels week to week without burning out.

The impact is subtle: you are not going to take a NAD supplement and then be jumping out of bed the next day. However, after making NAD supplementation a part of my daily routine, I've noticed that I can keep my training levels much higher day to day and week to week.

I'll admit that I haven't always kept my NAD supplementation up. This weekend I looked back at my training in Apple Health and Whoop and whenever I've stopped my supplementation my training is inconsistent.

I'll have one good day of training and then 2 or 3 days where I didn't really get in the training that I wanted. When I'm on a daily routine of NAD supplementation I see that I consistently put in 4 or 5 solid workouts per week.

I realize that this is by no means a scientific study, but it has convinced me that daily NAD supplementation is key to retaining my ability to keep training at my optimal (and desired) levels over the age of 40.

But after making NAD supplementation a part of my daily routine, I've noticed that I can keep my training levels much higher day to day and week to week.

There are a lot of opinions on the best way to supplement NAD+; to avoid a detailed scientific discussion, I'm going to share what I do:

1. I take 4 to 6 pumps of Quicksilver NAD+ Gold each morning. This is a sublingual form of NMN that you hold under your tongue for 30 seconds. NMN is a precursor to NAD+ production.

2. I take 1 Capsule of Tru Niagen each morning – another precursor to NAD+ production called Nicotinamide Riboside (or NR).

3. I take 4 Capsules of Swiss RX Multi-Vitamin, which really should be renamed as it is much more than a Multi-Vitamin. Think of it this way: as you boost your NAD levels your cells will produce more energy, but they need more fuel to do this. The Swiss RX Multi-Vitamin not only contains the fuel (micro-nutrients) but a delivery mechanism to get those nutrients absorbed in your cells.

As I mentioned above, this isn't a pre-workout or an instant boost of energy like caffeine. It's a steady increase in your ability to train as hard as you want day to day.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Tuesday, January 11, 2022