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How to get rid of knee pain when training, competing, and racing?
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How I Fixed My Nagging Knee Pain

If you have struggled with a soft tissue injury (tendonitis, tendinosis, muscle tears) and especially have knee pain, you know firsthand how frustrating the recovery can be.

This blog is for you.

I tried so many different things – stem cell therapy, PRP, red light therapy, and everything in between. While many of these treatments would help for a little while, as soon as I pushed myself in training or went on a long run, the swelling, inflammation, and throbbing pain would return.

Nighttime was the worse. I'd lay there awake and in pain with my knee throbbing.

With each new round of therapy, I'd get my hopes up...I'd feel better, take a chance, and train hard. But the next day, my knee would swell and become inflamed; sometimes with such a vengeance I'd swear it was worse than ever.

After years of struggle, I was close to giving up the thrill of pushing myself on the bike and running altogether.

But then, just as I lost hope, a top doctor recommended I try a supplement protocol from SwissRX called Soft Tissue Complex – specifically designed for the kind of soft-tissue injuries athletes face.

To be frank, my expectations were low. I'd tried so many different supplements and therapies, and while some helped a little, nothing had healed me so far.

Well, about three weeks in, everything started to go in the right direction. It was unlike anything else I'd tried before, including all the fancy, expensive therapies. It knocked out my inflammation and took my pain away. It didn't just lessen or dull it, but it was going away.

I couldn't believe how well it worked. I even played devil's advocate and pushed myself hard in training, waiting for the flare-up to happen. Only, it never did.

Why We Have SwissRX

This experience is what led us to carry SwissRX at The Feed. Admittedly, it is not cheap, but I would pay almost anything for something that would work and it was a tiny investment compared to all the therapies I tried.

I'll also caution that it isn't going to work for every athlete and every injury. Nothing can make that promise.

But over the past two years of making SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex available to athletes, I would estimate that more than 60% of those trying it have had a similar experience to mine.

I've received heartwarming emails from Olympic Marathon Runners, World Cup Ski Racers, to my favorite, a Heisman Trophy Winner who used the protocol to return to competition successfully. They all approached it skeptically, as I did, but were thrilled when it worked for them.

The Protocol

I'll also say that it doesn't work overnight. You must stay with it for at least four weeks to see the initial improvements. However, you will notice that pain post-workout is lower and less frequent. So prepare yourself for slight improvement that keeps improving each week until you return to 100%.

👇 Want to know how it works?

The Soft Tissue Support Complex is four different products, you get 7 pills in total, and they're in a plastic tear back. The reason for this is to make it super easy to take and leave no room for error.

Four main ingredients focus on specific areas of concern. Combined, they deliver remarkable results in repairing soft tissue (i.e., tears and strains of muscles, tendons, and ligaments) and reducing pain and inflammation.

I find it works best to take it right before bed and at least one hour after your last meal.

What's In It?

Turmeric attacks inflammation. Swiss RX uses the entire Turmeric Root from India to maximize bioavailability, but it's also 95% Curcumin. This turmeric has been used in clinical studies and showed an 88% reduction in pain and inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Flavanoids in the form of Vitamin C, Quercetin, and Botanicals reduce inflammation and support healthy capillary permeability, stabilizing tendon and ligament function. Vitamin C works to cross-link (connect) collagen fibers to help repair tears.

Vascuzyme has been used for years in Europe for tissue repair and recovery. Its powerful enzymes help break down the protein cap that forms around chronic injuries so the Turmeric, Collagen, and Flavanoids get to the area that needs repair. I feel this is the secret sauce.

Gabanol and Glycine are amino acids that reduce brain and central nervous system activity, tampering signals that trigger muscle spasms. This allows tense and overly tight muscles and ligaments to relax and encourages better mobility.

☝️ One addition: It would be best to take one scoop a day of SwissRX Collagen with the Soft Tissue Complex.

SwissRX Collagen is the highest quality, most expensive, and in our experience, most effective Collagen on the market. It used the patent forms of Fortigel® (Type II Collagen), TendoActive® (Type I Collagen), and Mobilee® (Hyaluronic Acid). The combination has been used in over 24 studies showing their effectiveness.


Three other things you can do for knee pain...

  1. Checkout the CEP Knee compression sleeve. I don't think it fixes anything, but the proprioception of the sleeve really helped me have more confidence during my recovery and the tension seemed to relieve pain for me.
  2. Graston or muscle scrapping with the Wave tool. I would do it on the front of my knee and my lower quad. It can hurt, but it worked really well for me. Remember to use some lotion and you have to go pretty hard with a tool like
  3. Hot and Cold therapy is also really helpful in removing inflammation and accelerating healing. Now you don't need to get out the hot pad and the ice pack, you can do it automatically with the Therabody Recovery Therm Knee or the Hyperice X. Both are genius devices and if you can afford it, definitely get one of them.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Friday, April 14, 2023