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Apolo Ono drinks KetoneIQ from HVMN for improved focus and athletic performance
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Focus like Superman with KetoneIQ

  • Ketone drinks can boost metal acuity (aka focus) in as little as 15 minutes and last for hours.
  • Secret is to combine Ketones with Caffeine
  • New Ketone drink from HVMN called KetoneIQ is 1/3rd the price and has an improved flavor
  • Ketones can also help with weight loss by satiating your hunger for hours by surpresing the hunger hormone Ghrelin.

What if you could wake up and be in the zone and hyper-productive each morning? I can tell you from personal experience that a sip of Ketones each morning will boost your mental clarity focus. I would describe the effect as pretty darn close to taking Adderall.

I know Ketones have a reputation for being expensive and tasting terrible, but all that has changed.

A new ketone drink from HVMN called Ketone IQ. It is now 1/3rd the cost, and the taste is vastly improved and sippable with no after-taste. The price of Delta H from TΔS has also come down significantly.

Here is the secret. You want to combine a daily shot of Ketones with something caffeinated. The interplay between caffeine and Ketones is where the magic happens. Here is my understanding of how it works.

Ketones are the preferred fuel of your brain. Think of glucose as like 87 octane fuel and Ketones as 100+ octane fuel. Caffeine acts like the gas pedal in your car. As you add caffeine, you are sending more fuel to your brain (in this case, Ketones) If you have elevated Ketone levels in your blood, your brain will always use this as its fuel of choice.

Does it work?

Absolutely. It is crazy how well it works. You get into a "flow-state" of focus, which lasts for hours. The best part is I've never felt any fall-off or headaches. The effect just gradually fades away.

Aren't Ketones expensive?

The new Ketone IQ is only $4 a shot, less than most people send on coffee.

You can also get Delta H from T Delta S (see below for the differences), it is the original Oxford Ketone Ester, and I find you that you can use 1/2 a bottle each morning at the cost of $7.50 per shot. It has a lemon-like flavor that is also very tolerable.

Wait, I thought Ketones were about athletic performance and recovery?

They also help with fuel for long workouts and better next-day recovery after hard workouts. But I'm most excited about the benefits of using them daily for better focus.

How well do they work for mental acuity?

Using digit-symbol substitution (DSST) as an assessment (correct responses in 90 sec), ketone supplementation significantly improved cognitive performance by 7% in one study.

I hear they also help with weight loss?

Ketones can help you lose weight if you combine them with exercise, fasting (or other calorie restrictions). The Ketones themselves won't make you lose weight, but they significantly reduce ghrelin, the hunger hormone, making it easier to maintain a calorie deficit.

What is the difference between Delta G and Ketone IQ?

I get asked this a lot, and all products are effective Ketone drinks but use different approaches.

Delta G is from the company TΔS and is the original Oxford Ketone Ester that most athletes have been using and has a large body of research supporting it. Not to get too scientific, but it is an "ester" of BDO & BHB that effectively increases ketone levels in the blood.

KetoneIQ is a new drink from HVMN and is only the BDO part, but twice as much per serving to make up for not having the BHB. HVMN has shown that you still get to 1 to 2 mmol of Ketones in your blood after 60 minutes (the effective range) and the equivalent for most people of having fasted for 1 to 2 days! KetoneIQ is also less expensive, making it a more viable daily option for more people.

How much do you take?

I find that one shot of KetoneIQ (10g of BDO) has the same impact on me as 5g of Delta G (i.e., 1/2 a bottle of Delta H or 1/5th of a bottle of Delta G)

Remember, use it in the morning and be sure to have a caffeinated beverage with it to feel the full effect.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Friday, January 14, 2022