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Ditch the Foam Roller with Thorex

You know the feeling after a long ride, a big travel day, or too much time on the computer can produce. We try to stay on top of it but it’s just not that easy and, eventually, a sore or tight back can set in.

Thorex is the ultimate replacement for your foam roller. The first time I was able to lay on it, I could feel the difference. My back cracked in multiple places and gave a full-back release, which is usually impossible for me without the help of a chiropractor.

The first thing you will notice is the build quality. It’s very solid and won't flex; the wheels keep rolling no matter how much weight you put on them and are durable.

We had everyone at the office lay down on it and give it a spin – it got five stars from everyone. Well, except for Brandon, who was a bit two-ply (it was too much pressure for him).

Key Benefits of Thorex

Great for your lower & upper back:

My primary usage is rolling up and down my back. It is effective for low back and upper back around your scapula - really helpful if you are using the mouse or typing too much.

The upper back/scapula is next to impossible to get deep enough with a foam roller. This is one of the areas where Thorex shines. I didn't expect how well it worked on calves, hamstrings, and especially quads. It was amazing to make micro-adjustments (rolling), let the pressure sink in where it is tight, then roll again.

Ease of use:

What I like about Thorex, versus the foam roller, is you aren't contorting yourself to get into the right place. It also doesn’t become an upper body workout just to stay steady. The Thorex is perfect due to how low to the ground it is, but yet rolls smoothly regardless of the weight on top.

It is also effortless to travel with. I brought mine to Kona last week and used it daily in the hotel room. I also ran more than usual and it was great on my feet before and after running.


As mentioned, you can lay this down on the ground and it provides a full-body supported system, where your back isn’t pinched on one specific spot. It can also easily double-up as a lower body roller for those sore legs.


The price is reflective of the very high build quality (it is going to last forever), and I compare it to the price of one visit to the Chiropractor. Yet, you get to keep this around at all times. It’s amazing build isn’t going to break down like most foam rollers.

Thorex is now at the top of my list of recommendations and if I'm getting you a holiday present, then you might want to hold off ordering your Thorex now...

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Tuesday, October 18, 2022