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How to prepare, train, and get ready for the Leadville race.

Boundless Webinar #2: Mental Training & Fortitude

Ben Davis –a Navy SEAL veteran, endurance athlete, and CFO of Veterans Outdoor Advocacy Group– provides insight for us on mental fortitude for the second installment of Boundless. Here are those highlights:

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What is mental toughness?

  • Ability to perform at your physical potential
  • Ability to execute the plan
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Ability to accept the reality of the circumstances and not let them sidetrack the plan

Step 1: Level-setting Your Own Expectations

  • Is this the right race for me?
  • Establish your why
  • What's the goal here?
  • Do I have time to prepare?

Step 2: Prepare

  1. Do the work
  2. Build evidence, if only for mental reasons
  3. Establish pass/fail criteria
  4. Execute the pre-race plan
  5. Visualization of contingencies
  6. Rehearsals

The Race Day Headspaces

Red: I don't think I can do this (how do you respond?)

Yellow: I'm not sure I can do this (how do you affirm?)

Green: I can do this (how do you confirm?)

Step 3: Execute

  1. Eliminate training regrets
  2. Remember that every day ends
  3. Don't let metrics overwhelm you
  4. Micro/macro goals
  5. Know your quit plan

Plan your dive, dive your plan.

This means to build a strategy for your success and stick to that. Control your narrative.

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