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Athlete Webinar with NEVERSECOND

We're pleased to share one of our recent Sponsored Athlete Webinars with you. In this month's, we had the pleasure of bringing NEVERSECOND CEO Bill Armstrong on to share more about their innovative lineup.


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“Best” Bonk Story

NEVERSECOND CEO Bill Armstrong Presents – you can expect to learn:

  • The history of NEVERSECOND and its collaboration with renowned expert Asker Jeukendrup
  • Their blueprint for success: building the NEVERSECOND System
  • Why they don’t have “arbitrary values or compositions”
  • How they’re rooted in science-backed details for endurance athletes
  • Development of the product line and the introduction of new options
  • C30 Fuel Bar: why it’s not just another granola bar
  • C30 Ice Gel: fueling and cooling with purpose
  • How the Ice Gel took the peloton by storm
  • Q & A for Bill Armstrong
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