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Is fast food good for training?
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Athlete Webinar with Fastfood

We say it’s okay to eat Fastfood.

The new lineup from Fastfood is centered around real food for diversified fueling. There's no drive-thru junk here!

The Galacto-gels and gummies from Fastfood are one of the only products to incorporate three separate carbohydrate and energy sources for a “layered” approach to fueling. It uses glucose for quick energy, galactose for a slower release, and fructose for spreading energy absorption to other pathways. They call this their Optimal Energy Release System.

Real foods are at the core of these products – we're excited to share more with your on them from this webinar!


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Favorite actual fast food guilty pleasures

Fastfood Presentation:

  • Chef-based background, consumer goods direction
  • Focus on "un-f#@%ing the food system" – i.e. treating food as food
  • Objectives: 1. Highest performance fuel we can create 2. It has to be made of all real food
  • Galacto-gummies and Galacto-gels were original products
  • Utilize three carb sources to optimize energy release (50% glucose, 40% galactose, 10% fructose).
  • Lactose? Even if you are intolerant or sensitive, the process of obtaining their sugar removes this concern.
  • More products on the way...
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