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How to heal from injury and workouts faster with magnesium?
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An Ultra-effective Magnesium Lotion: ALKA12

Sore Legs? Restless Legs at night? Do you simply want a better next-day recovery?

You want a magnesium lotion.

What is magnesium lotion?

Typically we find magnesium as an ingredient in our most popular recovery lotions from brands like REUP Recover and Feel Good Labs. These are great, but the utilization of most lotions isn’t always understood. Yet, we have a new brand utilizing magnesium chloride: the only ionized magnesium. This means it has an electric charge and is the optimal form for the body to absorb + use.

We first heard about ALKA12 a few months ago but could not get our hands on it until recently. It’s an ultra-pure magnesium chloride mixed with Aloe Vera to create a smooth and easy-to-apply lotion for your skin.

Why Magnesium is Key

Magnesium may be one of the few minerals we truly underutilize. It is beneficial to a variety of body systems and functions for optimal health and performance. As athletes, supplementing Magnesium can be even more necessary. ALKA12 enhances the absorption of some of the most essential nutrients/electrolytes.

It helps to maintain proper muscle tissue oxygenation, ease pain/soreness, reducing inflammation, and boost recovery. This lotion creates a highly effective delivery into the body and allows specific targeting to sore muscles, injuries, and areas of trouble!

How to use it?

Rub ALKA12 on your sore legs (or anywhere else, like your lower back) and leave it for 20 minutes (typically until it dries); then, you can rinse if needed. You can also use this lotion as a pre-workout application to help prime your muscles!

My experience with it was really good. I often get restless legs after a hard day of training at bedtime, which keeps me up. I have used a bath with Epson salts but it is easier to rub on ALKA12. I noticed it working in about 15 minutes and could get back to sleep without the nagging restless legs.

The 500ml container lasts a long time. I would estimate it will last most people almost 6 months.

I would be careful about whether you have any cuts on your legs or where you apply it. I was a bit sliced up from mountain biking, and it stung badly. I washed it off and it was fine, but you don’t want to apply it over an open wound, even if it is just a scratch.

The Best Part:

Their story is fascinating and I feel like it is an episode from the Nature channel.

They use high water pressure to extract the magnesium from a depth of almost 10,000 feet below the earth’s surface from the Zechstein Sea, which existed 250 million years ago.

As millions of years passed, the sea dried out and has never been exposed to modern pollution. This makes ALKA12 topical magnesium products extremely pure.

ALKA12, as a brand, is also very forward-thinking on the usage of plastics, has no animal testing, and (the best part) is fully BIO certified in France (their top tier of “organic” certification).

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Tuesday, October 18, 2022