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How to rehydrate better after training, hot workouts, and altitude with Quintessential?
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A Secret for Rehydration: QuintEssential

This product review and insight is brought to us by Andrea, Matt's wife. She stepped in to share the product she orders most frequently from The Feed. It is her "secret for rehydration".

Here are six ways I use QuintEssential Sachets:

1. Pre-hydrate: I drink two packets before hiking, running, or indoor cycling. I have more energy and get more out of my limited workout time. Some of us don't have endless time to spend on the bike!

2. Travel: Stay hydrated while traveling — without needing bathroom stops. It's a lot of hydration and just a bit of liquid. If you are at the airport, you can take them through security. (I'm just saying...would anyone use an airport or gas station bathroom if they didn't really, really need to?)

3. Hiking/Uphilling: I drink a lot of water. I love to hike and uphill ski. I'm not particularly eager to carry much on the mountain. I keep 3 or 4 packets in my pocket as a backup to use when/if my water bottle runs dry.

4. Hangover: There! I said it. Remember when you woke up the 'morning after' without any trace of a hangover? Good news...those days are back. Take a couple of packets before bed and a couple the morning after.

5. Altitude: Thinking about a few days in the mountains? It's a bummer to waste the first day(s) adjusting to elevation, or worse, dealing with altitude sickness. (One of my kids is prone to it. It's miserable) Try a couple of packets when you arrive at altitude and a couple more before bed - you and your family will be able to make the most of your days in the mountains.

6. Emergency supplies at home or in a car: Stuff happens. Whether you live in an earthquake zone, drive long distances through remote stretches, have ever been stuck in traffic, or just forgot to refill your water bottle...a couple of small boxes take up very little space, last a long time, and provide a huge insurance policy on hydration for every family member.

What exactly am I drinking?

The QuintEssential Sachets look like a gel packet with a small amount of decently salty liquid. That liquid is actual sea water from a nutrient-rich plankton bloom off the coast of France.

The water is then processed by Laboratories Quinton, which has been producing this magical sea water liquid since 1887. One sachet gives you up to 78 minerals and trace elements, plus restores lost electrolytes.

While it may seem light on the electrolyte levels in today's high sodium world, there is a bioavailability component (i.e., your body naturally knows how to use this sea water). The result is you will feel great.

How to Use It

You can mix it with water, but I find it is easier to open the notch on the sachet and drink it directly from the packet. I usually need at least two sachets at a time, and if I'm in really bad shape, I've been known to use up to 4.

Matt brings home all sorts of crazy stuff to try, but I've been hooked on these seawater sachets for a few years, and in my opinion, it is the best thing they sell at The Feed.

Happy hydrating.

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The Feed. / Thursday, September 15, 2022