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How To: Sleep

By Adam Galuszka
November 5, 2013

Guess what. You need to sleep. You need it much more than you think. We recently spoke with Allen Lim, PhD, the man behind the science of Skratch Labs secret formula and he told us, "there are three things an athlete can do to see great gains, drink more, train smarter and sleep." The first two seem obvious, its that pesky third that often messes us up. We looked into this a bit more and found this infographic from Fatigue Science. The basic gist of it: sleep makes you better, stronger and fitter. It's way more important than you think. And it takes about 3 months of good sleep to see the effects. (click on the graphic to see it bigger)


Key Infographic Takeaways

  • By incorporating adequate sleep into their routine, tennis players get a 42% boost in hitting accuracy
  • Sleep improves split-second decision making ability by 4.3%
  • After 4 days of restricted sleep, athletes maximum bench press drops 20lbs
  • Roger Federer gets 11 to 12 hours sleep per night
  • Lebron James gets 12 hours of sleep per night