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Dear Human, Wanna Hydrate Like A Camel?

By Adam Galuszka
August 13, 2014

Guess what? You're not a camel. Camels humps act as reservoirs for fatty tissue (not water). Concentrating the fatty tissue in humps, minimizes a camel's insulation throughout the rest of their body, letting them survive in extremely hot conditions. In fact, a camel won't start sweating until the temperature reaches about 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and can go about two months without water. Camels also have two rows of eyelashes, you only have one. For all these reasons, unlike a camel, which can go two months without water, you need to drink, constantly and daily, especially during exercise. The bottom line, unlike a camel, you sweat. You sweat when it's cold out. And when you sweat a chain of events begin to unfold: You become dehydrated, you heart has a harder time pumping blood, which decreases the rate you sweat and your ability to dissipate heat, resulting in a higher increased core temperature. Basically you get hotter and hotter until you overheat. Wanna know more? And here are some of our favorite ways to Hydrate: