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5 Amazing American Climbs & How To Get To The Top Of Them

By Adam Galuszka
June 10, 2014

If you live in North America you don't have to go on a european cycling vacation to do some amazing riding (although we're not against it). There is a lot of great riding to be done here in the USA.  In fact, some of the climbs like Onion Valley in the Sierra's (pictured above) can give even a Tour de France climb a run for its money.From the east coast's windy hell-like Mount Washington to Hawaii's volcanic Mouna Loa and Mouna Kea, we've rounded up five of our favorite (and most grueling) North American Climbs. It's time to dust off your climbing legs and go for a trip. Keep reading...


So you want to go climb an epic mountain. One of the best things about climbing is that as you go up, the temperature cools down. In Colorado, we climb to higher elevations to escape the heat. However, there are some major things to remember when riding up hill. It's not only the elevation that effects your body when climbing, sweat rate increases, breathing increases and dehydration can come on rapidly. A lot of cyclists struggle to drink enough on the bike. Over the years we've learned what can transform an epic day into a disastrous day. Basically it all comes down to two words: cramping sucks. Learn from our mistakes with these tips.  Keep reading...


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