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How To Go Faster and Hurt Less (part 1)

By Matthew Johnson
July 13, 2020

[Placeholder]How To Go Faster and Hurt Less (part 1)

Have you ever watched pro riders in the Tour de France screaming up the side of switchback mountain trails like they have motors in their bikes (ahem...🤨) or cruise through mile 18 of a marathon as if they’re just Sunday strollin'… and wondered “how is it possible their faces aren’t absolutely cringing in pain?”

The answer?

They either have one helluva poker face, or (a more likely scenario)...

They aren't hurting as much as you or I would at a fraction of the effort

Why don’t they feel the pain?

First, Pros are better trained than most of us, and through those thousands of hours of training they’ve been able to do two things:

  1. They can deliver more oxygen to their working muscles.
  2. They’ve trained their bodies to tolerate a high level of acidity in their working muscles.

Lactate acid equals pain, right?... not quite…

Many of us equate "lactate acid" as to why our muscles hurt. Don't worry- this is a simple way to describe it and it’s the analogy I often use too. However, scientifically it isn’t exactly accurate.

What actually happens is that as you go harder, you’re not able to meet the oxygen requirements of your muscles, which results in your PH lowering (i.e. becoming more acidic) and this is what’s hurting. Lactate then swoops in to save the day, acting as a protective mechanism.

BUT what if you could neutralize the acid in your muscles, before your body signals for lactate?

Turns out you can or, you can at least "buffer" this acidity. Athletes have been doing it for years with none other than simple Sodium Bicarbonate aka Baking Soda.

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, right? Not exactly… If you haven’t already had the pleasure of gulping down a glass of baking soda water, let me save you the unique experience by warning you that… it’s beyond disgusting (I still get 🤢 just thinking about)

Aside from (or because of?) being super gross, orally ingesting sodium bicarbonate causes A LOT of athletes MAJOR GASTRIC DISTRESS.

And, of course, getting sick to your stomach will SAP your performance, to say the least.

This is why I was elated (yes, elated… I DO NOT like drinking baking soda!) when I discovered AMP Human lotion.

What is Amp Human Lotion?

AMP Human lotion’s breakthrough technology makes it possible to absorb sodium bicarbonate transdermally (through your skin)... In other words- it’s a flippin’ miracle 🤸‍♀️.

How Does Amp Human work?

Using a lotion developed for a biotech company to more effectively deliver drugs through the surface of your skin, Amp Human has repurposed the lotion and replaced the "drugs" with sodium bicarbonate.

Which means…

Now you can deliver Sodium Bicarbonate to your muscles through your skin, not your stomach

(can I get a hallelujah?! 🙆‍)

How to get the most out of Amp Human

There are a number of studies looking into the effectiveness and performance gains of Amp Human. What I can say from early data I've seen, is that you need to use a generous amount of Amp Human Lotion on both legs (quads, hamstrings, and calf) and timing is important (use it 30 minutes prior to starting your workout).

Anecdotally, athletes swear by AMP Lotion and continue to use it over and over again.

First, I saw most Pro cyclists use it just for Time Trial events. Then, about 2 years ago, I started seeing athletes lathering up on the team bus before each stage of the Tour de France. Now, Amp is a regular part of most Pro Cyclists' pre-race routine.

Is it only for racing? What about training?

If you’re like me, you’re not doing much racing these days. BUT that hasn't stopped me from trying to push harder in my training and Amp human lotion is an essential component to my hard efforts.

Note that it isn't really as effective for long, slow workouts. But if you’re going to:

  • Do intervals
  • Join a fast group workout
  • Or know you’re gonna feel a burn

Then Amp Human Lotion will let you push your limits even further than you otherwise would be able too.

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But wait, there's more👇

💪 Pro Hack For Going Faster and Hurting Less:

So we talked about Pro Athletes hurting less because their training allows them to better tolerate acid build-up, which is what AMP Lotion will help you buffer. But, what about increasing oxygen delivery to your muscles? Well, it turns out you can also help boost oxygen flow to your working muscles using the very popular Sur Alt Red. Sur Alt Red is a nitric oxide booster using ingredients from Beets that helps open up your blood capillaries, allowing more oxygenated blood to rush to your working muscles. 

We've Combined AMP Lotion + Sur Alt Red In our 'Train Harder, Hurt Less' pack