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Theragun Review: Get the Inside Scoop BEFORE You Buy!

By Adam Galuszka
December 2, 2019

[Placeholder]Theragun Review: Get the Inside Scoop BEFORE You Buy!

The Story behind Theragun

With heavy training loads, come those inevitable aches and pains that threaten to slow you down. Although most athletes try to get massage work done when a sore muscle starts talking, it's not always easy (or cost-effective) to get in for an appointment as soon as you need one. Enter Theragun, the most innovative self-massage tool on the market!

This percussive therapy tool was created by Jason Werlsland, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine after a motorcycle accident left him with chronic pain. Theragun now has an impressive list of endorsers, including:

  • "Fittest Man on Earth" Mat Fraser.
  • Olympic hurdler Georganne Moline.
  • Paralympic Gold Medalist Jessica Long.
  • Actress and cancer survivor Olivia Fox.
  • Dancer Alexis Turner.
  • Actress and chronic pain patient Jamie-Lynn Sigler.
  • Wellness writer Brittany Vest.

Join some of the top athletes in the world and take your recovery to the next level with one of the many varieties of a Theragun! Interested in learning more? Keep reading for details on what it is, why it works, and what makes each model different.

What is Percussive Therapy?

 Theragun G3 Pro Massager

💆‍♀️ Grab Your Theragun Massager 💆‍♀️

Theragun is no toy—it's the Toyota of personal massagers. Built around a state-of-the-art Japanese motor, the handheld apparatus consists of a multi-angle grip and an articulating piston that delivers forty percussions per minute through a range of motion of 16mm and a maximum force of 60 pounds per percussion. Theragun founder, a chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland, carefully selected this mechanical activity in consultation with sports medicine specialists to provide the optimal deep-tissue stimulation to:

  • Relieve pain.
  • Relieve muscle tightness and tension.
  • Enhance performance.
  • Enhance recovery.
  • Replenish energy.

 Timing is only a piece of the puzzle. Experts recommend the application of this kind of compression at a 45-degree angle ... all over the body. That is a lot of body, most of which we aren't used to being able to touch ourselves, much less apply forty 16mm sixty-pound compressions per minute.

The triangular structure of the Theragun handgrip, specially designed for the comfort of your hand, enables you to self-massage up to 90% of your body from four different angles. Few other self-massaging devices are this versatile, allowing you to target each specific muscle group in multiple directions for the most complete DIY massage ever.

Designed in line with the science of ergonomics, Theragun is balanced, grip-friendly, and can be held comfortably for extended periods of time, to massage yourself or a partner, without creating a whole new locus of pain in the gripping hand.

As if that weren't enough, Theragun is one of the quietest mechanical massagers on the market as well. Industry-best sound insulation results in a 50% quieter operation compared to previous models. Theragun is discreet enough to use in the house, the office, the locker room, the airport, anywhere pain or muscle tightness gets you down.

With options for any budget, Theragun comes in three configurations:

 Theragun G3

👉 Grab Your Theragun G3 Massager 👈

The flagship Theragun G3 is an impressive piece of machinery, resembling not so much a therapeutic aid as a power tool. The piston arm can easily be adjusted to reach almost any muscle group, even spots hard to reach with a foam roller. 

Priced between its sister products, Theragun Liv and Theragun G3PRO, Theragun G3 is perfect for daily users in need of bread-and-butter muscle relaxation, better range of motion, and pain relief. The chassis of professional-grade plastic protects a non-removable, rechargeable Lithium-ion 3 battery cell, as well as a motor capable of two versatile settings — 1,740 percussions per minute, and 2,400 percussions per minute.


At a full battery charge, Theragun G3 has enough juice for about sixty minutes of continuous operation, more than enough for a thorough massage. At 2.7 pounds, it is highly portable. It is also highly versatile, compatible with six different attachments for the piston arm:

  • Standard Ball
  • Large Ball
  • Dampener
  • Wedge
  • Cone
  • Thumb

 Theragun G3 comes with a convenient carrying case and fits easily into suitcases and backpacks. An optional charging dock is sold separately. Note that if you fly on commercial airlines, Lithium-ion batters can only legally be stored in carry-on luggage. They cannot be stored in checked baggage, due to the small risk of combustion.

Priced to fit most budgets, Theragun G3 has the potential to offer:

  • Better range of motion.
  • Faster warm-ups and recovery with just 15 seconds on each muscle group.
  • Reduced post-workout soreness with just 2 minutes on each muscle group.
  • Reduced risk of adhesions.
  • Improved mobility and coordination, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Relief from pain ... without pills.
  • Fewer muscle spasms. 
  • More hydrated and energetic muscles.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Improved posture.
  • Improved body awareness.
  • Relief from jet-lag and travel-related soreness.
  • A substitute for your daily stretching routine.

 Theragun G3PRO

Theragun G3 PRO in the snow

🔥 Grab Your Theragun G3 Pro 🔥

This is the top-of-the-line Theragun, for athletes, patients, and massage enthusiasts who mean business with their mechanical massage. Specialists from MIT were consulted in its design. In standard mode, it operates at 2400 PPM. Applying the Theragun G3PRO for 20 seconds at this speed pushes the affected area close enough to the pain threshold to soothe pain overall.

Unlike its predecessor G2PRO, G3PRO offers a lighter 1750 PPM setting. Theragun G3PRO also kicks it up a notch by featuring an articulating piston arm, able to be adjusted to any direction relative to the handgrip through 90 degrees of motion. This makes the G3PRO even more versatile than the Liv or the G3, able to reach even more unreachable muscle groups. 


Theragun G3PRO is powered by two removable Lithium-ion 4 batteries. At full charge, Theragun G3PRO can operate for up to 75 minutes continuously. 

Pricier than the G3 or Liv models, Theragun G3PRO is nevertheless a worthy tool of the trade for professional athletes, who depend on well-functioning muscles for their livelihood and fulfillment.

The mix-and-match attachments compatible with the G3 were actually designed for the PRO series. Arm Theragun G3PRO with larger attachments to target larger muscle groups; smaller and more pointed attachments to target individual muscles.


Theragun Liv

Theragun Liv in use

🙌 Grab Your Theragun Liv Massager 🙌


For casual users, Theragun Liv offers the most budget-friendly option in the line. There's no removable battery or articulating arm, but Theragun Liv offers the same ergonomic handgrip and Japanese motor that made the G3 and G3PRO famous. Backed by 10 years of research and a commitment to quality, Theragun Liv is lightweight, portable, and effective.