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Epic Bars, Epic Jerky, & More: What You Need to Know BEFORE You Buy!

By Kate Thornton
December 1, 2018

[Placeholder]Epic Bars, Epic Jerky, & More: What You Need to Know BEFORE You Buy!

Power Up Your Workouts with Epic Provisions

A Brief Overview of Epic Provisions

The Epic brand was created by a serious power couple who transitioned from a vegan lifestyle to a paleo diet when their health was compromised by plant-based living due to eating high amounts of processed foods. After going paleo and experiencing a significant improvement to their mental and physical health, they decided to make a series of meat-based protein snacks that are the perfect energizing treat to help keep you fueled.

Epic Provisions - A Review and History

Meat-based snacks have been rising in popularity over the past few years as a source of protein, especially among athletes. They’ve begun replacing granola bars, protein bars, and other pre-packaged snacks with meat-based snacks thanks to their taste, nutritional value, and even their texture. Reviewers state that meat bars don’t crumble and make a mess, but aren’t so tough that they have to stop what they're doing to eat it. 

Epic Bars for Everyone

This surge in popularity is largely because of Epic Provisions. But what makes this brand so special?

First and foremost: their ingredients! Epic Provisions was created by a couple who were determined to make a high-protein, efficient snack that was healthy, environmentally conscious, and mindful of specific dietary lifestyles. Epic is safe for people who conform (for medical and/or personal reasons) to Paleo, gluten-free, Keto, and Whole30 diets.

In addition, they have professed a commitment to “global large-scale grassland restoration efforts,” and believe in farming animals that are living a natural life. Epic Provisions keeps an “Impact Journal” that shares the company’s initiatives with the public on an annual basis, giving us an inside peek as to how they are actually supporting land restoration and animal conditions in farm life. 

This combination of focus on human, farm animal, and planet health has certainly made Epic Provisions a pioneer in the industry. However, what truly takes them above and beyond is their dedication to making their products taste every bit as good as they make you feel! It can be difficult to find a healthy, organic, high-protein food that both satiates and satisfies, but Epic delivers in every way! From their wide range of flavors to their tender, juicy products, absolutely nothing about these products’ taste has been sacrificed in the name of health, and that’s something to celebrate.

Let’s take a look at some of the top-selling products in this line.

Epic Jerky Protein Bar

Epic Protein Bars

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These high-protein, low-carb protein bars are absolutely perfect for anything from a mid-day treat to an energy-packed hiking snack. With no added sugar and they use organic ingredients when possible, Epic Bars were one of the first (and most popular) products that power-duo Katie Forrest and Taylor Collins created. 

Determined to have a go-to source of energy that would travel well and suit their dietary needs, they incorporated meat as the primary ingredient in a series of protein snacks that became such a hit, General Mills took notice and acquired Epic in 2016. If that’s not impressive enough, take a look at some of the tantalizing flavors they’ve come up with! The combinations of meat, spices, nuts, berries, and seeds they’ve used will get your mouth watering before you’ve even tried one.


  • Lamb Currant Mint
  • Turkey Almond + Cranberry
  • Chicken Sriracha
  • Chicken Sesame BBQ
  • Bison Bacon + Cranberry
  • Beef Habanero + Cherry
  • Salmon Smoked Maple
  • Wild Boar with Uncured Bacon
  • Beef Apple + Uncured Bacon
  • Venison Sea Salt + Pepper
  • Uncured Bacon

Epic Snack Strips

Man enjoying Epic Snack Strips

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Epic Snack Strips put a whole new spin on jerky. Yes, they’re made up of dehydrated meats of all sorts, but those meats come from responsible sources and environmentally-conscious ranchers. Epic Provisions prides itself on supporting farms that raise grass-fed, free-range, natural-living animals as opposed to the parts of the meat industry whose primary goal is mass production. 

In addition, the company constantly extends its influence to support organizations and projects that aim to improve global conditions such as the Savory Institute. That’s right--this low-calorie, high-protein, healthy and organic treat is not only delicious, but every purchase you make helps the company support land-saving efforts worldwide. Talk about a guilt-free snack!


  • Salmon Fillet
  • Turkey
  • Wagyu
  • Venison
  • Chicken Sriracha
  • Bison Strip

Epic Bites

Do you like the flavor of jerky, but prefer something a bit more tender and easy to eat? Epic Bites are an incredibly juicy, soft and satisfying snack that has taken the concept of jerky and protein bars to the next level! They contain the same environmentally-conscious, organic ingredients as the products mentioned above, but their uniquely delectable flavors and texture truly make them stand out.

These bite-sized, nutrient-dense snacks come in a resealable pouch and are perfect for a quick bite, wherever you are! Just take out a few bites, savor the moment, and put the bag right back into your bag and continue on with your day as this meat-based protein snack keeps you feeling full and energized.


  • Uncured Bacon Pork & Sea Salt
  • Beef Steak with Cranberry and Sriracha
  • Bison Meat with Uncured Bacon Chia and Raisins
  • Sweet Sesame Ginger
  • Salmon and Maple
  • Venison Steak with Sea Salt and Pepper
  • Cajun Style Rub Beef Jerky
  • Asian BBQ Flavored Beef

Other Epic Products

Epic Performance Bars

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If you’re interested in trying out Epic’s line of products, but want to try something other than a meat-based snack, Epic Provisions also makes Epic Performance Bars and Bone Broths. The Performance Bars come in a variety of flavors, each packed with protein and sodium to help you make the most of a workout and stay hydrated (as long as you’re drinking plenty of water as well, naturally):

  • Almond Butter Chocolate
  • Lemon
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Coconut Lime Oil

Epic Bone Broth

>>> Grab Your Epic Bone Broth <<<

The Bone Broth is the perfect ready-to-heat post-workout drink for those wanting to get some serious nutrients without a whole bunch of additional processed ingredients! It's packed with protein and sodium, so it will help you recover and rehydrate on those cold winter days when protein shakes just don't sound appealing. It comes in several flavors as well, each containing all of the nutrients from slow-cooked bones combined with a series of vegetables and spices:

  • Beef Jalapeno Sea Salt
  • Homestyle Savory Chicken
  • Turkey Cranberry Sage
  • Bison Apple Cider

The Bottom Line on Epic Provisions

Epic Provisions is a trailblazer in the world of protein snacks. They’ve completely revolutionized the healthy snacking for athletes, hikers, and...well, everyone! This company and its founders have successfully made a name for themselves in an industry dominated by controversies of animal treatment and environmental collateral damage by firmly and passionately supporting something we should all care about: Health. The health of our planet, the health of the animals and lands for which we are responsible, and the health of our own bodies. Epic Provisions proudly fights for all three, and have made a delicious line of products that make it easy for us to do so as well.