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What we think

Looking for a tasty protein packed snack that puts a unique spin on the boring old protein bar? Try one of these Epic Bars! Started by a couple who wanted to replenish their bodies after a hard workout without consuming high amounts of added or processed ingredients, the Epic brand was born. We love Epic products because they’re made with responsibly raised meat complimented by fruits, nuts, seeds, and unique spice blends. Epic is committed to global large-scale grassland restoration efforts, so their animals get to roam freely outdoors and eat the foods they were intended to eat.

These bars 100% deserve their Epic name. If you like beef jerky, this is beef jerky elevated to the next level. These bars are 100% organic, made from the finest ingredients, paleo friendly and, well, epic. They are packed with protein and make a great whole food alternative to post-workout protein powders and bars. Not to mention, they have as much sodium as a sports drink so they can help you rehydrate faster (if you’re drinking water with them of course). With a huge variety of flavor and meat combos, there’s an Epic Bar for everyone!

Feed’s Fave: Bison Bacon Cranberry. Oh heck, all of them.

How We Use It

These bars are a great protein packed option for post-workout, mid-day snack, or to bring with you on a hike to keep your energy levels up. Because these bars are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, we recommend saving them for your post-workout recovery snack rather than for before or during workouts.

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