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MXXY Flexx Hydration System




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The keystone feature of the Mxxy line up is their Flexx Hydration System.

The Flexx Hydration System with a Mix Dial allows you to plan your hydration and fueling seamlessly with a unique dual reservoir pack. That means you can carry both water AND mix in your pack and change how much of each you receive at any moment. Rad!

It's not just for the Mxxy packs, either. You can fit this system into just about any pack on the market...which can be great for keeping your current favorite pack while upgrading what it can do!

Adjust your mix on the fly as the conditions or your exertion levels change for perfectly dialed hydration and fueling. 



Compatibility Chart

Flexx 1.5-Liter Only

Flexx 1.5-Liter or 2.5-Liter

USWE Outlander Pro

SWE Vertical Hydration Pack 10L

Nathan Quick Start 2.0

USWE Carve 25

USWE Outlander 2

USWE Outlander 9

Nathan Vapor Air 3.0 7L

USWE MTB Hydro 8

USWE Outlander 3

USWE Hajker Pro 24

USWE Outlander 3 JR

USWE Airborne 15

USWE Rush 8 MTB Vest

USWE Epic 12

USWE Airborne 3

USWE Shred 16

Nathan Vapor Airess 3.0 7L

USWE Tracker Daypack 22L

Nathan Pinnacle 12

USWE Tracker Daypack 30L

USWE MTB Hydro 3

USWE MTB Hydro 12

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