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How can I fuel workouts with real food like veloforte?
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Veloforte: Fit for Purpose and Fit for Body

We're excited to bring Veloforte on board at The Feed and to share their amazing products with you. Please, dig in and learn more about this brand and their mission.

What’s the story behind the development of Veloforte?

It started with Marc, one of our Co-Founders back in 2017. He was looking to feed his endurance cycling with real food - none of the dry and synthetically flavoured products that the industry was producing so abundantly. So, he turned to his wife, Lara (our second Co-Founder) who had spend 20 years as a Cardio-Respiratory (Heart and Lung) specialist and (amazingly) an award-winning baker too.

Lara set about producing for Marc our first range of bars - the Classico, Ciocco and Di Bosco.

The insight was simple… nutrition is the only performance product you put inside your body, so it needs to be something our bodies want, something that truly motivated it, something it knew how to extract the best nutrients and performance from.

The answer lay in an old family recipe from Marc’s Grandmother. Italian by descent, Marc’s family originate from Florence, in Italy, where a delicacy called Panforte has been enjoyed for centuries - even as far back as the Romans who used it to fuel their armies as they conquered the new World.

Panforte is essentially the original energy bar, full of fruits, nuts and spices. So, with some detailed crafting by Lara on the macro and micronutrients in this ancient recipe, it was clear this was the ultimate upgrade the energy bar needed. Nonna was right!

From there, we founded Veloforte to help active people feed their daily wellness and enhance their physical performance naturally, crafting all-natural and delicious nutrition. That’s through everyhing from gut-healthy bars and restorative protein shakes to performance-enhancing chews and gels, they’re all crafted from the same principles, delivering delicious real food with zero compromise on taste, performance or quality.

Can you expand on the development of your products and the process of bringing them to the endurance world?

Real food for real people achieving really amazing things – this is our mantra and helping you to #fuelbetter is our cause.

Ultimately, nutrition is simple, but creating nutrition that performs, “delights” and helps you realise your natural potential is hard. Especially when you refuse to use artificial sugars, additives and preservatives and instead produce effective clean food.

To achieve this, we start at the beginning… with you, your body and nature’s finest ingredients, harvested into transformational break-through recipes in our kitchen (not a lab vessel) and then look at the very simplest formats for you to carry them, use them and enjoy them.

They do this from their all-natural energy gels –crafted from real-fruit syrups and purest electrolytes to our melt-in-the-mouth energy chews that are exceptionally easy to consume (at tempo!)– to gut-healthy high-protein shakes that are not only delicious but packed with adaptogens and spices proven to support your muscle-growth, calm the body and aid in Recovery.

Our range is fast becoming recognised as the finest and most highly rated in our space - awarded across every category from sports publications to industry bodies, pro-teams to elite athletes, including 36 Gold Great Taste Awards (recognised as the 'Oscars of food’) - something no other nutrition brand in the World has achieved.

We feed elite athletes, professional adventurers and weekend warriors everywhere - from Premier League Soccer Teams to Formula 1 racing drivers, Cycling World Champions to Ultra-Marathon winners - It's clear they have become avid fans of our approach, too, generating over 20k 5-Star reviews and counting. Their stories demonstrate that our range genuinely provides a positive contribution to their active-health, active-life and performance ambitions... and they tell their friends all about it.

Were there specific problems in the sports nutrition world that you all were looking to solve?


No lab food, no junk, no synth.

It’s no secret that for decades, synthetic heavily processed and poor flavoured 'nutrition' dominated the shelves. It still does.

There are thousands of ‘bad nutrition’ stories everywhere you look - from gastric distress to bloating, over-fuelling to adverse reactions - predominantly due to the artificial ingredients used to stabilse, preserve, carbonate and bulk-out cheaply produced recipes that are designed to make the highest financial margins, for the lowest common-denominator experience.

There needed to be a better way... a natural, powerful and delicious way to feed your foundational health and enhance your physical performance too.

So, we set about creating a range that delivers on those three promises equally - or else we simply won’t produce them.

No more compromises, digestive issues, fake flavours, sickly gloop or ingredients you can't spell (or digest)... instead, just beautifully balanced natural ingredients, incredible flavours and, as a result, total confidence in what you’re putting inside your body to perform at your best.

Are there other areas you’re looking to move into or expand with regard to products?

The quality of our range completely transforms what people have come to expect from their nutrition. We are focussed on making this true for all our customers across their healthy active-lifestyle.

We have brought gluten-free, plant-based, high-protein, gut-healthy and delicious high performing products to sporting performance, alongside a new Wellness range of snack bars and shakes - helping to connect how you eat throughout the day with the performance you need to compete and win.

We are soon to announce a suite of new category products, offering a full-circle nutrition platform - from rest to metabolism, health and performance - look out for more on these in the coming months.

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The Feed. / Tuesday, September 5, 2023