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How to fix gut issues for endurance athletes with swissrx?
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Say Goodbye to Stomach Issues

I want to share our most popular solution for the gut issues many endurance athletes face as they increase their training volume.

One of the things I love the most at The Feed is when athletes come back to us and share that they have solved gut issues plaguing them for months or years. While my recommendations below have worked for most athletes, they will not work for every athlete.

Endurance Athletes have more gut issues.

Running, riding, and other long-distance endurance sports create more gut issues due to bouts of dehydration, consumption of simple sugars in gels and chews, hot weather training, and even plain old hard workouts.

While I'm not a doctor, it was explained to me that these issues are often due to a slight inflammation or "gaps" created in the mucosal membrane of your GI Tract. The good news is that a simple solution works for most endurance athletes.

The product is called SwissRX Gut Defense, and the key ingredients are L-Glutamine, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, and Licorice Root. It helps soothe your gut, assists in repairing your mucosal membrane, and helps reduce inflammation.

But does it work?

Tricia Mangan, a World Cup Ski Racer and 2x Olympian had gut issues that held her back from training and racing. However, after four weeks of using Gut Defense, all her problems disappeared. She now swears by it.

Paige, an avid runner and mother of two in Colorado, has been taking Gut Defense every night for five weeks. She emailed me about how it completely changed her life.

My own experience has been transformative. I went from frequent gut issues, cramping, and constipation as my training volume increased (or when I travel), and SwissRX Gut Defense has 100% eliminated these issues for me.

Those are just three examples, but over 64.3% of Feed Customers surveyed who used Gut Defense rated it 5 out of 5 and found it a game-changer for their gut issues.

How do you use it?

That's the best part. It is a Swiss Chocolate Powder that tastes great.

  • Add it to any smoothie (I always add a scoop to my Kyoku)
  • Add it to coffee to make a mocha-style flavor
  • Add it to hot water for a gut-soothing Hot Chocolate.

What if my gut issues are more serious?

If you have gut issues hurting your training, try a 4-week course on SwissRX Gut Health. This different supplement works to remove bacteria, parasites, and other gut issues.

Gut Health is an immunoglobin, and my non-medical description is it is like a "Pacman" looking for bad things in your gut and eating them up for removal.

You can combine Gut Health and Gut Defense for a complete gut protocol.

I suggest you use Gut Health for four weeks. If you see improvement, then continue for an additional 4-week course. It is four capsules you take once a day.

Here are both of these products:

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Matt Johnson / Monday, June 5, 2023