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Three Things: Nutrition Chit Chat, Dehydration, and Beer

By Adam Galuszka
March 16, 2015

We love many things in life, but particularly these three things: Good nutrition practices, staying hydrated, and beer. We justify the later with the former two, to maintain a healthy and balanced but enjoyable lifestyle. There's minimal reading in this edition of Three Things, the podcast is full of great nutrition strategies and the video is just so you can feel a bit smarter than the guy next to you at the bar. So read up, drink up, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!   1. Two smart guys talk about smart fueling on Tim Ferris' podcast. Tim Ferris is the author of New York Times Bestseller "The 4-Hour Work Week" among other great books on how to simplify your life and get more done. In these super interesting podcast's Tim sits down with Dr. Peter Attia who is a life long athlete, ultra distance swimmer and nutrition "tinkerer". Dr. Attia is also the President of the Nutrition Science Initiative or NuSI. In the podcast, Tim and Peter touch on some fairly practical and easy to digest information about the health of our nation, nutritional science, and ketogenic diets. This is a highly fascinating blog post and one that we highly recommend to anyone who's interested in finding the best nutritional "formula" for their personal goals and interests. Tim Ferris Post Original Article: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2014/12/18/peter-attia/ Tim Ferris Interviews Peter Attia of NUSI - Click here to play part 1 of this Podcast. Tim Ferris Interviews Peter Attia of NUSI - Click here to play part 2 of this Podcast.   2. Suffering from veisalgia? Here's what it is. For those of us who may have celebrated this weekend, or are looking forward to celebrating St. Patrick's Day this Tuesday, overconsumption of adult beverages can leave you hurtin' for certain the next day. This video is an easy scientific explanation of what is actually going on inside your body. You can drop some knowledge on your friends the next time you're out. The most important point of the video is that hangovers are much easier to prevent than they are to cure. Because dehydration is the leading cause of symptoms, making sure that you're supplementing your alcoholic beverages with water is essential. We highly recommend enhancing your water with some electrolyte hydration mix like Vega Sport or Skratch Labs Daily Hydration Mix. And before bed, we like to pound a bottle of water with Skratch Rescue hydration. Cheers!   3. Your celebratory beer is NOT a recovery strategy. Unfortunately, there is really little (to no) benefit from drinking alcohol after you exercise. All alcohol, but beer in particular, affects the fast-twitch anaerobic fibers by inhibiting an enzyme that helps fuel the muscle. When that happens, the fibers don't adapt like they should for up to three days. The result: a longer recovery period. It can also inhibit protein synthesis so your gains aren't as great and muscles aren't as strong. With the potential of dehydration, an increase of toxins in your system, and the additional calories, limiting your alcohol intake is the best policy. Coming from a state with over 230 established breweries, almost 10% of the nation's craft breweries, we've been known to enjoy a hoppy pint from time to time. However, we take precaution to not over-indulge, and we always supplement with extra water. You can read the original article from Outside Magazine here.