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The Sunday Spin: THINGS YOU NEED

By Adam Galuszka
November 10, 2013

As the holidays come steamrolling into our lives, its important to remember the difference between needing something and wanting something. It's okay to indulge in the thing we want, as long as we remember we also need to practice a bit of moderation. Just because you want that third slice of pie (with an extra scoop of ice cream), doesn't mean you need it -- or maybe you do.  Regardless, there are some things you flat out need. When you work out, your body needs fuel. And no matter what you do to stay fit, at times you probably need to eat, drink and recover smarter. Here are some tips from our in house rock climber, Brooks on fueling to climb

SLEEP. You need it.

There are three things you can do to help yourself be a better athlete: fuel better, workout smarter and sleep more. The last one is the one that people miss out on the most. But just how important is sleep? Well, Usain Bolt says it's the most important part of his training regimen. Learn all about sleep, here.

Sleep. You Need It.

EXERCISE. You need it (duh).

Want to make the most of the morning light? Want to stop racing the setting sun to fit in a workout? If you think waking up in the wee hours of the morning is impossible, we think you can do it.  Here are some tips, tricks and bribes that'll help. WAKE UP: You Gotta.


Isn't the world beautiful? Your photos say, "yes!" This week we have photos form @maxwoodmont, @brad_luck, @anonymous_agent & @islandcatch. PICS! WE NEED IT!