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By Adam Galuszka
June 15, 2014

Hydration is a daily topic here at The Feed. We don’t obsess over it, but we realize how important hydration is. Hydration is the foundation for everything you do as an athlete. Studies show that performance starts declining with just 2% of body weight lost. If you weigh 160lbs, you only need to lose 3 lbs before performance declines. That’s pretty easy to do, and that’s why hydration is so important to us.

Here’s the thing, replacing electrolytes during exercise is critical to your overall performance on a given day, but your daily hydration is a key component to performing well every day. What does everyday hydration mean? It means drinking the right amount of fluid with electrolytes, without drinking mixes with too much sugar or adding too much sodium to your diet. It's easy to feel like you drink enough, like you're not dehydrated, but when life gets busy it's easy to forget about hydration.

The first thing you can do is making hydration a habit. Get a water bottle that you love. If you already have a bottle that you like, perfect. Use it. Try our Feed Hydration Facts bottle. Set your bottle down somewhere that you’ll see it throughout the day. When you see your bottle, train yourself to remember that you need to drink. When you’re busy, we recommend that you drink water as frequently as you can.

Don’t flood your system with regular water. Drinking too much water can actually dilute your body fluids too much, leading to hypernatremia. Pick a hydration product that you love. We carry a few that we love, but you should find the one that you like the most. If you like what’s in your water bottle, you will drink more, and will be better hydrated!

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