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Press Release: Ted King Becomes Pro Lumberjack

By Adam Galuszka
September 29, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ted King retires from pro cycling, becomes professional lumberjack.

Ted King is no stranger to competing at the top level of sport. He has had an enviable professional cycling career which includes racing the Tour de France and riding the front of the pro peloton for 10 years. This fall, as he steps away from professional cycling, he’s made the daring transition into the world professional lumberjack-ing in 2016.

“2015 was a great year for me to finish my career as a pro cyclist and help start Untapped Maple. We recently launched our 2nd product, the Untapped Maple Waffle, and I’ve been eating 40 a day since I stopped racing my bike. Untapped Waffles have become a staple of my training for the professional lumberjack circuit. That and flannel, lots of flannel.”

We met up with Ted in the woods near Nederland, Colorado where he had already split 1 cord of wood by 9am.

“My focus will be making it to the 2016 Lumberjack World Championships, competing in the Boom Run and Chopping events. I figure my relative light weight and speed from cycling will put me on the podium for the Boom Run. The big unknown is how well I can chop wood at the elite level.”


While Ted is happy to have an unlimited supply of Untapped Maple Waffles and Syrup to fuel his training, he’s still on the lookout for other sponsors who can help him achieve his dreams as a professional lumberjack.

“The truth is that I just don’t have enough flannel to cover my needs while I’m hard at work training. I’m chopping so much wood that I’m sweating or tearing through probably four flannels per day. That takes a toll on my budget, so I'm on the lookout for sponsors to sew onto that stylish flannel and to support me on the lumberjack circuit in the coming years."

Nonetheless, the future is bright for Ted King. Fueled by maple syrup, clad in flannel shirts and work pants, he already looks the part of an elite lumberjack. Follow Ted on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates on his quest for pro lumberjack glory.

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