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Hydrate Everyday!

December 9, 2013

Hydration is a common topic here at The Feed. We've given you tips for hydration, we've had really smart friends of ours write about it's benefits (1. here and 2. here), and we've shown you how the Pro's hydrate during the Tour de France. Here's the thing, replacing electrolytes during exercise is critical to your overall performance, but your everyday hydration will set you up for consistently better workouts. What does everyday hydration mean? It means drinking the right amount of fluid + electrolytes without too much sugar everyday. This might be easy for you, but for many people, it's hard to remember to hydrate during busy days. Our tips for everyday hydration: 1. Get a water bottle that you love. If you have a bottle that you love, it's more likely to become part of your daily routine. We love the Camelbak Eddy bottle, or a good old fashioned Ball mason jar. 2. Set your water bottle next to your computer, or on your desk in a spot that you look at. When you look at your water bottle, ask yourself "Am I drinking water?" Sounds corny, and it is, but it works! 3. Don't flood your system with regular water. Drinking too much water can actually dilute your body fluids too much, leading to hypernatremia. 4. Pick a hydration product that you love. We carry a few that we love, but you should find the one that you like the most. If you like what's in your water bottle, you will drink more, and will be better hydrated! If you have any other questions about everyday hydration, please emails us! hello@thefeed.com