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Beat The Holiday Bulge Into Submission

December 5, 2013

Are you currently in a post-Thanksgiving food coma? Have the holidays enraptured you? Are you reading this with a mouthful of leftovers and a plateful of pie? Or perhaps you feel like you're totally lost from your routine, and being held hostage from your beloved exercise. Either way, daily exercise is one way to relax, and we've got a quick way to get your heart beating while you continue to enjoy the holiday season! Take a deep breath and do the workout below to help you beat the holiday bulge, and then enjoy the family overload and relax: Warm Up: (Do it 3X through) 15 x Lunges on each leg  (walking if you have the room) 15 x Lateral Lungers 15 x Squats 15 x Pushups   Workout: (do each block all the way through with no rest between exercises) 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers 30 seconds of Push Up 30 seconds of Squat Jumps 30 seconds of Burpees Rest 1' 45 seconds of Mountain Climbers 45 seconds of Push Up 45 seconds of Squat Jumps 45 seconds of Burpees Rest 1' 1 minute of Mountain Climbers 1 minute of Push Up 1 minute of Squat Jumps 1 minute of Burpees Rest 2' Core Work  30 seconds of Planks 30 seconds of Leg Lifts 30 seconds of Full Sit Ups 30 seconds of Bicycle Crunches Rest 1' 45 seconds of Planks 45 seconds of Leg Lifts 45 seconds of full Sit Ups 45 seconds of Bicycle Crunches Rest 1' 1 minute of Planks 1 minute of Leg Lifts 1 minute of Full Sit Ups 1 minute of Bicycle Crunches Rest 2' Cool Down. Pat yourself on the back. Have another slice of pie.   Beat the bulge with this quick workout, san weights. It works your total body and you can conquer easily anytime, anywhere. Have questions, email us: hello@thefeed.com