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Will Racing Return this Year?

Top Selling Pandemic Products

By Matt Johnson
July 19, 2020

[Placeholder]Will Racing Return this Year? | Top Selling Pandemic Products

Do you think racing is going to return?

Whether we are participants or watching on television, many of us anxious for racing to return (I know I certainly am). While we have seen a few local races pop-up, but will the major events return?

"Will the Tour de France Happen?"

From everything I have heard, the plan is full speed ahead for the Tour de France to start on August 29th in Nice, France. Teams are preparing and I personally think it will be the most exciting Tour we have seen in years. Fitness levels will be varied and the normal anxiety in the Peloton will be so much higher, that it will be "full gas" each day from the gun with many more "splits" happening in the peloton. Exciting racing for sure, if it happens 🤞.

In speaking with insiders, most say that the race will start on August 29th. But many are far less certain that the race will make it through 3 weeks and arrive in Paris. The thinking goes that if any athlete contracts COVID it could spread very quickly through teams and the entire peloton and the race would be faced with tough decisions on continuing or not.

One of the most interesting things that are happening in the monitoring space is the use of digital devices, specifically Oura Ring and Whoop as early detection methods for a COVID infection. Researchers said that Oura ring can recognize symptoms of COVID-19 up to three days in advance with 90% Accuracy. The NBA purchased over 1000 rings for its players and coaches. Whoop has similar metrics. From what I've heard, more and more Pro Athletes and Teams are moving towards these devices en masse. 

In addition, there are a number of supplements that have become very popular during the pandemic and sales are back again on the rise. Including a number of pro teams placing orders for all their athletes to get ready for their return to racing. Here is a fascinating list of the top-selling items at The Feed that just exploded in sales popularity as soon as the pandemic started.

Top Selling Pandemic Products 

[product handle="beekeepers-naturals-propolis-spray" description="This is a soothing throat spray made from the Propolis that Bee's make. Propolis is anti-microbial and rich in nutrients. Bees use it at the entrance to their hive to prevent bad bacteria from entering into the hive. BeeKeepers makes the highest quality Propolis on the market and they have both an adult and a kid version." number="1" title="Anti-Microbial Throat Spray from Bees 📈+ 3804% Sales Increase"]

[product handle="swissrx-vitamin-d3-k2" description="This has immediately become our fastest-selling version of Vitamin D3. What makes it special is the addition of K2 in a special form that has been shown to increase your body's ability to absorb Vitamin D from 4 to 8 hours to over 72 hours. SwissRX's Vitamin K is called MenaQ7 PRO from a Norwegian Pharma company. It is also super easy to take, it is flavorless and you just take 3 to 5 drops, each drop is 1000IU. A bottle has 590 drops, for most people that is at least a 3+ month supply!" number="2" title="Top Selling Vitamin D Drops 📈+ 1288% Sales Increase"]

[product handle="thorne-zinc-picolinate" description="Zinc has become super popular for its role in regulating immune function and potential impact on interrupting cell division. It has been near impossible to keep these high-quality zinc products in stock. The Thorne Zinc is a potent zinc formula and that's it." number="3" title="Top Selling Zinc 📈+ 1288% Sales Increase"]

[product handle="vitalfit-x-tb12-protect" description="Vitalfit X TB12 Protect (yes, that's Tom Brady's company TB12) is a Zinc cocktail that also includes Elderberry, Vitamin C, Larch Tree Extract, and Wellmune - all ingredients looking at boosting immune health" number="4" title="Top Selling Zinc + Elderberry 📈+ 1054% Sales Increase"]

[product handle="vafels" description="So I'm guessing there is no immune function benefit here, but there is something to be said for the comfort of a warm Vafel with your coffee. Hand made in Boulder Vafels are the much thicker Belgian Waffles to those skinny dutch waffles you might be familiar with. Will is the baker and brings them over to us directly from his bakery. We then freeze in the flavor so it arrives fresh to you. We recommend very light reheating for 30 to 45 seconds for the best Vafels experience." number="5" title="Pandemic Comfort Waffles 📈+ 1054% Sales Increase"]

[product handle="ortho-molecular-sbi-protect" description="SBI protect is made up of Immunoglobulins (immunity goblins) are antibodies, produced by white blood cells, which hunt around in human serum (aka fluids) in search of antigens. When antigens such as bacteria, viruses, or other toxins are present, immunoglobulins go on the attack, binding to them and facilitating their destruction. The same immunoglobins in SBI are used in the prescription drug Enteragam, which has just got approval for clinical trials in Spain on treating COVID patients*" number="6" title="Immunoglobin Antibodies 📈+489% Sales Increase"]

[product handle="quicksilver-vitamin-c-with-rla-liposomal" description="Vitamin C has been flying off the shelves and we just got restocked from Quicksilver. For Vitamin C to be effective you need to a dosage measured in grams when you are taking capsules or chewable. You also want to take it through the day (3 or 4 times). What's great about Quicksilver Vitamin C is that it has a much greater bioavailability (maybe the next best thing to a Vitamin C IV) so you don't need as much (which means less risk of stomach upset) and it is super portable and easy to take, just take 4 pumps and hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds." number="7" title="Most bioavailable Vitamin C 📈+419% Sales Increase"]

[product handle="active-antimicrobial-face-mist" description="This is a new product introduced in early April from the folks at Active. They reformulated their wound injury products (which are amazing for road rash) and made it into a hydrogel (i.e. easier to spray). The active ingredients remain HOCI, which is a proven anti-microbial used in hospitals around the country. You can use it on your face (eyes, nose, mouth), on your hands, and on open wounds and it will NOT sting. It's amazing, I watch my kids cringe before spraying their face or an open cut and they then say "Oh wow, it didn't sting".  If that isn't endorsement enough, Dr. Kevin Sprouse has also added it to this medical bag and will have it with him to treat riders at the Tour de France. " number="7" title="Anti-Microbial Spray for you Face, Hands, and Road Rash 📈 from 0 to 12,000 bottles!"]


* Study on Entergram in Spain entering trials.


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