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Why we test all CBD products

...and why you should only buy a CBD product that's fully-tested.

By Kate Thornton
April 11, 2019

[Placeholder]Why we test all CBD products  | ...and why you should only buy a CBD product that's fully-tested.

We test ALL CBD products we sell. We don't simply rely on review ratings or opinions.

We are the only retailer that we know of that does this.

It is expensive, but critical for us. We only want to provide you effective and safe CBD products. In our training, we will ONLY use thoroughly tested CBD products, and we believe you should as well.

Here is how our CBD product testing works:

1. When CBD products arrive, they are quarantined at The Feed and not available for sale.

2. We verify the CBD batch that is used in every product with the vendor and double check this against all the products we have received.

3. We then take two randomly chosen units for every product for testing.

4. Each CBD product then goes to our independent lab Botanacor. They are the only pharmaceutical grade CBD products testing laboratory in the country that can stand up to FDA requirements.

5. The lab then tests each product for CBD levels, THC levels, and levels of over a dozen other Cannabinoids.

6. We compare our testing to the vendors independent testing, and if there is anything other than minor differences, the product is returned to the vendor.

7. We then post on each CBD product page our testing results for that product and provide you a link to the Botanacor report that you can review yourself.

8. We don't just test CBD products. We test every batch of every product. So if you come back in a month to buy more of the same product, you can rest assured that the specific batch you will be receiving is the testing results you are seeing.

We have tested over 100 different CBD products (gummies, oil, extractions, infused products, and more) while we were reviewing which vendors we would sell at The Feed. The number of products that claim a certain amount of CBD and have significantly less (if any CBD at all) is shocking.

When you shop at The Feed for CBD products you know you can trust what you are getting.

As a bonus, for the first time, you can now compare CBD Levels across different brands since we have tested every product at the same level with the same procedures.

If you have questions about our testing, you can reach us at hello@thefeed.com, and we would be happy to chat with you about any questions or feedback you have.