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Tips for the 24-hour athlete

Plan for success.

By Brandon Dyksterhouse
July 31, 2013

[Placeholder]Tips for the 24-hour athlete | Plan for success.
It's only Tuesday. Saturday feels like it's 2 weeks away. And your desk chair is already sick of you. Don't lose hope. Saturday will be here soon and we'd like to help you get ready to get outside and crush it. As athletes who work full time and sometimes overtime, we've got great tips to help get you through the work week. Plan ahead now and you can feel great this Saturday. 1. Make hydration a habit. Reusable bottles and low calorie hydration mixes are your friends.  2. Pack a bar in your briefcase for the day. If you can, skip going out to lunch with your co-workers, or ordering some food straight to your desk, and instead, enjoy a bar. It'll keep calories low and energy levels high. You're sitting at a desk all day. You don't need much. 3. That said, don't just sit there all day. Take 5 minutes. Get up. Move around. Keep the blood flow going! 4. Plan ahead. Get ready for Saturday during the week, so that you can rest on Friday night. Is your kit washed? Have you fixed that flat? Do you have enough ride food in stock? Most of us aren't professional athletes, but when we're out there, putting miles in our legs, we're all the same. Try these easy tips and set yourself up for a visit to podiumville this weekend. Questions? email us! hello@thefeed.com