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The Benefits Of Probiotics For Athletes

By John Franklin
December 28, 2016

[Placeholder]The Benefits Of Probiotics For Athletes

We're very excited to welcome Sound Probiotics to the roster at The Feed! Over the last year, we've added very few supplements but Sound Probiotics checked the important boxes: made with high-quality ingredients and adds real value to an athlete's diet.


What benefits can I expect from Sound Probiotics?


• Improved immunity

• Increased nutrient absorption

• Increased run time to fatigue

• Overall improved gut health


How is this pill different from my cup of yogurt?


For starters, there are a lot more probiotics in our supplement than there are in yogurt; Sound Probiotics contains 25 billion CFU, while yogurt, on average, contains only 3 million CFU. Secondly, the good bacteria found in yogurt, kimchi and kombucha are killed by stomach acid before they ever make it to the small intestine. The capsule on our product allows for safe delivery of the probiotics to the intestines for absorption. Finally, there are different probiotic strains and each strain has specific effects on the body. Sound Probiotics contain only the probiotics found to be beneficial for athletes. The point is this: eat probiotic foods for your overall good health, but consume specific probiotic supplements for your specific goals. 


How/when should I take my probiotic?


Take the supplement daily. Research shows probiotics to be most effective when taken for a minimum of 7-10 days. This is the time it takes for the good bacteria to "seed" the gut. We recommend taking Sound Probiotics with your recovery drink as probiotics can aid in the absorption of important nutrients, including amino acids.


Why do probiotics benefit the athlete more than the couch potato?


Because athletes, and specifically endurance athletes, put themselves at risk for impaired immunity due to the intensity and duration of exercise (remember the double-edged sword?) At the heart of these immunity issues is your gut. Evidence increasingly points to the gut as the root cause for much of this immune dysfunction. This athlete-gut connection is more important than you might think - and why the latest research on probiotics is so important.


Does Sound Probiotics dietary supplement require refrigeration?


No, our probiotic does not require refrigeration. You can keep the bottle in your race bag so that you have it at the end of your event and able to consume it with your recovery drink.

Grab some Sound Probiotics today!