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Running: The Heal and Toe-tal Truth

Know Your Stride

By Brandon Dyksterhouse
October 17, 2013

[Placeholder]Running: The Heal and Toe-tal Truth | Know Your Stride

Heel striker? Forefoot runner? Ankle problems? Knee problems? What's the right way to run? The answer.. both. The New York Times in their article, Pounding Pavement by Heal or Toe, shared the research that how you run should be learned or modified as a result of what injuries you fall prey to. Even more interesting, one technique over the other does not result in faster running.  When you look at runners over the course of a marathon, each will turn to the other technique as they tire. This is definitely something to think about when choosing shoes. There is more to jumping on the treadmill at the local running shop and having them film how you run, you need to think about you need to run, which may not be what you're naturally prone to. Studies have found that forefoot runners are easier on their knees but harder on their  achilles and ankles. Heel strikers have much more force blowing through their knees, but ease up on their ankles and achilles. If you've been in pain one way or the other, it may be time to switch shoes and change you running technique. Here are two videos to help you learn how to add or minimize heel strike from your stride: Running from Heel to Toe:

Eliminating Heel Strike

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