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Keeping the weight off when summer ends.

Don't stop moving.

By Brandon Dyksterhouse
August 3, 2013

[Placeholder]Keeping the weight off when summer ends. | Don't stop moving.
There's no denying it, sad face. Summer's end is fast approaching. If you've been sticking to your fitness plan all summer, August is often the month where it gets harder to keep up the good work. But with shorter days and cooler temperatures soon to be amongst us, use August as the time to switch it up, and stay motivated into the fall.

summerAs August turns to fall, this is a great time to do anything you haven't done all summer. If you've been running all summer, throw in a few fun bike rides. If you've been riding all summer, get out for a few hikes. Go tubing. Figure out what kayaking is all about. Been reading about the paddle board craze? Go for it. This is the time to switch up things up while still staying active.

If you're trying to keep weight off, or lose weight this fall by staying active, here are some great tips. 1. Keep a macro view of your plan. Your weight will go up, and it will go down. As long as the overall trend is in your desired direction don't get hung up if you have a week where you gain weight. It's all part of the process. 2. Eat less, more often. Keeping your metabolism high is really important. Do this by eating 4-5 times throughout the day. Those 4-5 meals may have 200-500 calories, depending on what you're doing and your energy requirements. The Justin's Nut Butter packs are an amazing way to have an on the go snack that'll keep you satisfied for a long period of time. 3. Fat and protein are your friends. Don't get carried away, but don't hesitate to increase the amount of fat and protein you eat while reducing your overall caloric intake. Fat and protein make you feel fuller, longer. Caveat: With a lot of high intensity exercise, and 4-5 hour rides you still need carbs. Final thought: When Fall comes around, get out there on your bike, and barely pedal. Fall is our favorite time to go for really long really slow rides. In most parts of the countries the temperature is absolutely perfect, and the foliage -- it's gorgeous. Stop at a good bakery. Take pictures. Keep your riding hours up, and your overall distance down. Riding long at easier intensities is actually the best way to burn fat. More on that, later. Enjoy the scenery!