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Ice Ice Baby

By Brandon Dyksterhouse
January 31, 2020

[Placeholder]Ice Ice Baby

🥶Ice Therapy has long been the recovery modality of athletes near and far. While the benefits far outweigh the hassle, leaky bags, cold temperatures, and lack of uniform compression don't always make it the ideal solution.

Now we have the Recoup Cryosleeve. Instead of having to use ice packs or frozen vegetables, and then trying to get the fit/compression right with an ace bandage, The Cryosleeve + Boa Fit System provides an hour of cold relief, using a micro-adjustable compression while forming to the area.

How do I use Cryosleeve?

  1. Freezer activated cold: Simply place the Cryosleeve in the freezer for up to 2 hours. Use on your knee or arm to decrease inflammation and accelerate recovery.
  2. BOA Fit System: The Cryosleeve provides micro-adjustable compression for injuries and recovery. Push down and twist the BOA dial to customize compression. Pull out to release.

What does it feel like?

Think down sleeping bag meets cold compression. The micro-adjustable compression sleeve creates a snug fit never before achieved in ice therapy. It's cold in all of the right places.

Does it work?

You bet it does! Best Ice therapy device we have tried. The compression with the BOA makes all the difference in having a perfect fit.

Front of your Knee is what aches you?

Since the BOA tights in the front, I often rotate the sleeve to the side by 45 degrees to make sure I have the frozen gel in the sleeve on the front of my knee.

How do I know which size to purchase?

Wrong size? No problem we offer free exchanges within the first 30 days. However, if you want to get the sizing correct use this simple to use to chart.

Select Size: XS 9.5 - 13 IN; S 13.5 - 15 IN; M 15.5 - 17 IN; L 17.5 - 19 IN; XL 19.5 - 23 IN

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