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3 Hacks to a Happier Tummy for Athletes

By Matt Johnson
December 9, 2019

[Placeholder]3 Hacks to a Happier Tummy for Athletes

Here at The Feed, we know the importance of gut health. Not only can it impact your immune system, but it can also impact your ability to digest and absorb nutrients, to recover, and can even affect your mood.

Here are our 3 Hacks to improve your gut health:

Hack #1: Cycle your Probiotics

Lots of people start on probiotics and it works for them and then just as fast it seems to stop working. In speaking with 👨‍⚕️Dr. Sprouse, he recommends that the athletes under his care cycle their probiotics between different brands so they can ensure they are getting a good diversity of strains. He also recommends taking a break for a few weeks every month or so and starting up again.

Personally, I cycle between these 3 top quality probiotics each month and taking a 1 to 2-week break at the end of each month:

There are multiple research studies on the effects of probiotics on athletes. Studies show that probiotics:

  • Help athletes experience fewer upper respiratory tract infections and gut complaints
  • Are vital in nutrient production and absorption
  • Aid in the production of B-vitamins
  • Enhance amino acid uptake in the gut

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Hack #2: Reduce Inflammation with L-Glutamine.

When training hard, the tissue in the gut can become damaged from strenuous exercise. L-glutamine the main amino acid used by the cells in the intestines has been shown in research to help reduce inflammation, repair damaged cells, and heal the gut. It can also boost muscle repair, so it's a win-win for athletes! The highest quality L-Glutamine I've found is Thorne L-Glutamine and at only $20 it is one of the most affordable supplements you will find that will have such a profound impact.

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Hack #3: Use Peptides from your gut to repair your gut

BPC-157 is a chain of Amino Acids known as a Peptide that signals your body to do certain things. While BPC-157 is most often associated with healing joints and connective tissue, it originates in human gastric juices and can be very helpful in gut healing.

In the gut, BPC 157 acts systemically in the digestive tract to combat leaky gut, IBS, and gastrointestinal cramps. It does this by helping maintain the mucosal lining of the GI Track and as an anti-inflammatory, it aids in the protection and healing of inflamed intestinal tissues.

We provide Dr. Seeds Body Protective Complex+ which is the only oral version available (otherwise BPC 157 is only available via an injection). Dr. Seeds BPC is not identical to BPC 157 as it has one additional Amino Acid that is removed during digestion.

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Have a very Happy Tummy!



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