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Maurten Gel Combo Pack

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Maurten  Gel has become the top-selling gel used by endurance athletes. What makes Maurten Gel unique is the hydrogel technology that encapsulates the carbohydrates (and caffeine in the case of the caffeinated gel).  With Hydrogel, you are able to consume significantly more carbohydrates per hour (100g of carbs per hour) that would have previously caused stomach distress.

The Maurten Gel Combo pack gives you both of Maurten's Gels, you get:

Maurten Gels work together along with Maurten Drink Mix to create a complete fueling system.  Maurten CAF Gel has the addition of 100mg of caffeine.  

It is recommended to start with Maurten's Caffeinated Gel and for shorter events, you may want to only use the caffeinated Gel.  For events over 90 minutes, you will want to use both Gels and alternate between using the Caffeinated Gel and the Regular Gel. It's best not to exceed 3 gels during a workout or race, so you may need to space them out differently to avoid exceeding 3 gels. For example, during a marathon having a gel at mile 6, mile 13, and mile 20.

How do I use it?

Maurten Gel is used to deliver you both quick energy in the form of carbs to replenish muscle glycogen during intense and long endurance activities.  It can also be used to preload both carbs and caffeine before short intense training or racing.

Your goal is to get close to 100g of carbs per hour.  Most people use 1 Maurten Gel per hour then consume Maurten's Drink Mix to get to the 100g of carb per hour level.

What does it taste like?

Maurten Gels doesn't have any flavor, it just tastes slightly sweet.  Unlike other Gels that you may be familiar with that are really more like sugary syrup, Maurten Gel is a true gel and has a consistency more like Jello.

Do I need water with it?

No!  You don't need to take water at the same time as you use a Maurten Gel as you would with regular gels.  Maurten Gel has water already encapsulated in its hydrogel technology. However, you still need to drink plenty of water and electrolytes for hydration during your workouts and events.

How is it different than Maurten Drink.

It is actually the same technology as the Maurten Drink Mix but in a more portable format.  Maurten Drink starts as a liquid and converts to a hydrogel when it reaches the different pH-level of your stomach.  The Gel is already converted into the hydrogel in the package.  

How many Maurten Caffeinated Gels can I use?

We recommend that you don't use more than three caffeinated Gels per workout/day. 

How do I use it to preload caffeine before a race?

If you want to preload caffeine before a race, then drink a coffee/espresso one hour prior to your event, then take 1 Maurten Caffeinated Gel as you are warming up or about to start.  The Caffeine will start working within 15 minutes, with peak effects at 45 to 90 minutes and diminished effects after 3 hours.


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United States United States
I recommend this product
Great product

Love the product not too sweet and almost solid. Easy to pop in my mouth and swallow while running, and doesn’t make mess or run ti my shirt. And not sticky!!!

United States United States
I recommend this product
A well-Feed customer

Great product that fuels long run

United States United States
I recommend this product
Maurten mixed box

Love the mixture of caffeine and regular gels as I use both for long runs

Joel S.
United States United States
Maurten gel

Maurten’s gels don’t taste as nice as their drink mixes, but they work great as advertised. No GI issues, even during hard workouts.

United States United States
Maurten trending

I like the product and will keep using it. From start to finish: - fairly expensive - difficult to open - easy to get out of the packaging - nice taste - easy to swallow - a little burping/reflux about 5 min later - nice energy boost. Notice a difference from other gels.

Kristof K.
United States United States
Finally found it

I spent 5-6 months trying an assortment of gus and gels that upset my stomach and did more harm than good for my performance. Maurtens was the first tool that gave me the energy I needed and left me feeling good for hours. The caffeinated version always does the job in giving me a second and third wind, so long as you spread them out with the non caffeinated hydrogels. Will definitely be using this for training and races for the foreseeable future.