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Spring Energy Wolf Pack




What we think

Spring was founded by a sports nutrition scientist who's also an avid ultra runner, health fanatic, creator, and foodie entrepreneur.

With that track record, Spring wanted to create sports nutrition products made with natural ingredients to help bring back the joy and authentic feel of racing and training without GI problems, sugar spikes, or low quality artificial ingredients. Their 100% natural line of gels harness the power of real, whole foods to help fuel you for any adventure!

The Wolf Pack

This pre-run meal was designed in collaboration with Kelly Wolfe, a world class professional runner. Made with whole-food ingredients, no preservatives, and diverse energy sources, these pouches are an easy way to get in your pre-race or pre-workout fuel without having to worry about tons of sugar or GI issues.

They contain high quality ingredients like organic oats, fruits, coconut milk, ginger, and cinnamon, and provide 310 easy-to-digest calories to fuel any workout or adventure.

How to use it:

The goal is to consume this 30-35 minutes before your workout and get after it!

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