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Spring Energy Bar




What we think

It would only make sense that the fine folks behind Spring Energy Gels came up with a wholesome energy bar like no other.  We're huge fans of their gel formulas so when we heard the rumors of a bar we were sold!

According to Nature Up the "Nature Up Endurance Bar provide nutrition that is based on science and is rooted in a simple philosophy of balanced food source to provide your body with what it needs to live an active and healthy lifestyle."

We couldn't agree more!  So what are the highlights of these fantastic bars?  

  • Low in sugar

  • Solid Protein blend

  • Super smooth on flavor and texture

  • Definitely fills the tank when you need a fulfilling bar!

How to Use It:

These bars are great to take with you on a hike, long ride, or even just to work to make sure you have to fuel necessary to meet your performance goals.  

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