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Spring Energy Endurance Juice Mix




What we think

If you’re looking to drink some real food-based calories, this product is the one!

Spring energy has utilized modern day technology to deliver an effective hydration endurance drink mix that is highly nutritious! With a new gentle infrared drying technology, Spring Energy has converted produce into an effective, nutritious and delicious drink mix that keeps you hydrated and well fueled up!

Why should you use real food for hydration and energy?

The answer is super simple! Real food has a much bigger profile than just carbohydrates and calories. Essentially, you get all the carbohydrate benefits you need for endurance, but you also get all the micronutrients, vitamins and prebiotics as well! This helps you achieve both your fueling and nutrition goals.

Key Benefits:

  • 220-240 Calories per serving
  • 51-59g of carbohydrates for energy
  • 107-436mg sodium for hydration
  • Prebiotics to protect and strengthen your gut microbiota
  • Micronutrients and vitamins from real food

The Feed Fave: We LOVE a good PinaColada! 

How to Use It:

We like to mix 1 sachet of Spring Energy Hydration Endurance drink mix with 18 fluid oz of ice cold water for clean energy and refreshing hydration! 

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