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What we think

Spring was founded by a sports nutrition scientist who's also an avid ultra runner, health fanatic, creator, and foodie entrepreneur.

With that track record, Spring wanted to create sports nutrition products made with natural ingredients to help bring back the joy and authentic feel of racing and training without GI problems, sugar spikes, or low-quality artificial ingredients. Their 100% natural line of gels harnesses the power of real, whole foods to help fuel you for any adventure!

What's in it?

Like all Spring Energy products, they use 100% real ingredients and a thoughtful balance of different carbs to help ease digestion and avoid GI distress. These are crafted with foods like Maple Syrup, Organic Basmatic Rice, Dried Cherries, Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate, and Almond Butter.

This new generation hydration product from Spring is a 100% natural electrolyte and energy sports hydration mix. Rather than a powder, this formula is a liquid mix that will easily dissolve into 16-18 oz. of water. Using natural ingredients like apple juice, organic honey, organic ginger, and pink himilayan sea salt, this formula will provide the right amount of energy and hydration to reduce inflammation and minimize GI distress.

This drink mix contains absolutely no preservatives, colorings or added sugars. The himalayan sea salt provides not only necessary electrolytes for performance, but is also rich in macrominerals and trace minerals. Malate, a nutrient found in apples, helps boost aerobic endurance while the ginger and mint help prevent stomach issues. This refreshing, thirst-quenching drink tastes like ginger ale with a hint of mint and provides an energy boost that will last for a long time. Hydrate naturally with Spring's ElectroRide Hydration! 

How to Use It:

Mix one packet with 16-18oz. of water and sip throughout activity. The goal is to drink about 15-30 oz. per hour depending on your personal needs, type of activity, climate, etc.

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