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Spring Energy Chocolate Heaven




What we think

A special edition Spring Energy gel just dropped, and it’s heavenly.

Spring was founded by a sports nutrition scientist who's also an avid ultra runner, health fanatic, creator, and foodie entrepreneur.

With that track record, Spring wanted to create sports nutrition products made with natural ingredients to help bring back the joy and authentic feel of racing and training without GI problems, sugar spikes, or low-quality artificial ingredients. Their 100% natural line of gels harnesses the power of real, whole foods to help fuel you for any adventure!

What's in it?

Like all Spring Energy products, they use 100% real ingredients and a thoughtful balance of different carbs to help ease digestion and avoid GI distress. These are crafted with foods like Maple Syrup, Organic Basmatic Rice, Dried Cherries, Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate, and Almond Butter.

At 170 calories, 28g of carbs, and 3g of protein, these are a bit more fuel than the standard Spring Energy gel.

Chocolate is sometimes confused for cocoa powder, but they’re different: Ground chocolate contains the bean’s natural fat, whereas cocoa powder is made by grinding up pure cocoa beans and removing the fat.

Highlights of Heavenly

  • Wholesome Ingredients, Nothing More. Made with single-origin Camino Verde gourmet ground chocolate, delicious sweet cherries, buttery hazelnut, and almonds. These ingredients make for a heavenly taste and the fuel your body needs.
  • A Seasonal Spirit Booster. With the abundance of rich gourmet chocolate, tart cherries, and the buttery finish of walnuts and almonds, you will have no problem getting into the spirit of the season…or through it!
  • A Balance Composition. Chocolate Heaven, like other Spring products, offers an energy supply from a variety of sources. This ensures the sustainability of your energy/fuel during hard endurance activities. Additionally, consuming these various types of carbs/energy can prevent digestive system issues.

These tasty gels have a smooth texture that is easy to get down while exercising and will provide an instant but gentle energy spike. You'll feel the difference during your runs!

How to Use It:

The goal is to aim for one gel every 30-40 minutes during events or training sessions lasting longer than 90 minutes. These have a bit more

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