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Gels - Ultimate Tryout Pack




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Try out 9 of our top-selling GELS to find your next favorite:


    1x Maurten Gel 100
    1x Maurten Gel Caf 100
    1x Enervit Carbo Gel -Citrus flavored
    1x SIS Beta Fuel Strawberry Lime
    1x SIS Go Energy Gel Lemon and Lime 
    1x Victus Gel During (02)
    1x Precision PF 30 Gel
    1x Gu Strawberry Kiwi
    1x Neversecond Fruit Punch

    These are the top 9 selling Gels at the Feed chosen for you in the most popular flavors. The perfect way to find your favorite brand and flavor of Gel.


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