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What we think

Quality ingredients, delicious taste, and performance-focused balance can be a "holy trinity" hard to come by in sports nutrition.

The original Clif Bar was created out of necessity. While out on a 175-mile bike ride, founder Gary Erickson tried to take another bite out of the energy bar he was eating and he couldn’t. This is the moment the Clif Bar was born. With its focus on performance nutrition, Clif Bars contain nutritious, organic ingredients that will keep you fueled for anything from a 150-mile bike ride to exploring a new trail with the family.

Why do we love Clif Bars?

They are a staple to endurance athlete's pantry for a reason. The Clif Bar has harnessed dense nutrition, clean ingredients, and wicked taste to fuel your big days out...or curb that craving midday. Nearly 25 years later, the original Clif Bar is still the go-to energy bar for the great outdoors.

What's in Clif Bars?

Putting their amazing taste aside, Clif Bar has purchased over one billion pounds of organic ingredients and use sustainably sourced ingredients. Now offered in an extensive array of Clif Bar flavors, the are best when eaten fresh.

The most popular Clif Bar flavor is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. Here at The Feed, the verdict is still out…we love Chocolate Chip, Cool Mint Chocolate, and Crunchy Peanut Butter.

No one likes a stale bar. Clif Bars are always best when consumed fresh. When you order Clif Bars from The Feed have at most a 1-month supply. We keep our stock fresh so you won’t get a stale bar.

Feed's Fave: Cool Mint Chocolate

How to use Clif Bars:

Clif Bars are a great source of portable energy for any adventure! We like to eat these before a training session to top off our fuel stores. They’re also great for a portable post-workout snack because they have the optimal 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio helpful to promote recovery. 

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