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Clif Bar

Do you ❤️Clif Bar? Did you know that The Feed is the 🥇#1 Place to buy Clif Bar because we have the freshest, just baked inventory. Plus we are the ONLY place where you can order just 1 Clif Bar so you can mix and match flavors, buy just the number you need, never be forced to buy a box of 12 (unless you want a box!)

Why you don't want to buy Clif Bar on Amazon.

Do you know if your Clif Bar is fresh? There is a huge difference in taste between FRESH Clif Bar Products and stale ones. Be careful buying Clif Bar on Amazon as it is often a 3rd party sellers that have purchased end of life (i.e. expiring product) then sent it to Amazon's warehouses where It could be sitting for months and be stale, hard to chew, or worse by the time you get it.

The Feed has the freshest Clif Bar Products.

The Feed ONLY has fresh Clif Products purchased directly from Clif Bar's Bakeries and we GUARANTEE freshness. We have every Clif Bar item in stock, but our just in time inventory lets us rotate inventory every 2 weeks, so your Clif Bar items from The Feed are always fresh.

Are Clif Bars Healthy?

That is a great question. The answer is a resounding yes. While fresh whole foods are always the healthiest choice, when you are on the go or working out, that is seldom a convenient audience. This is where Clif Bar comes in with the healthiest ingredients to keep you fueled up while on the go.

What are Clif Protein Bars made with?

Clif uses Plant Based Soy protein in it's Clif Builder bars and they are also Gluten Free. Clif Whey Protein Bars are made from Whey (Dairy) Concentrate.

How do I use Clif Bloks?

Clif Bloks are amazing on the go source of fast carbohydrates. Clif Bloks unique format lets you better control your dosage compared to a Gel (where you typically have to take all of it at once). Each pack has 6 individual Bloks. While Clif says a serving size is 3 Bloks (100 calories), we all like to take them in a dosage of 2 Bloks at a time and use them more frequently. The most important thing about Bloks, Chews, Gels in your workout is that once you start using them, make sure to keep taking more every 20 to 30 minutes until you complete your workout so you don't bonk.

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip is the most popular flavor

We are often asked for the most popular flavor of the original Clif Bar, and the answer is Chocolate Chip, nothing else really comes close.

Clif Bloks Black Cherry is the most popular flavor

Black Cherry which is caffeinated is the most popular Bloks Flavor.

What are Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars?

They are a little taste of heaven. So for years, a few (ahem, many) of us have struggled with a dry Clif bar getting caught in our throat. Clif fixed this with their Nut Filled Bars that use nut butter filling to keep them extra moist. Made with delicious peanut, hazelnut, almond, or cashew butter filling, each bar has a smooth and creamy taste. They’re even USDA organic and made with 5–7g plant protein.