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The World's Only

Clinically Studied Multi-Vitamin

As an athlete, your nutritional demands are higher than what you can get from diet alone. A deficiency in any one key vitamin can impact your ability to create energy, hurting both performance and recovery. SwissRX™ Multi-Vitamin goes beyond a simple insurance policy against deficiencies and boosts your mitochondrial reserves to jump start energy production.

  • Increases energy production through key micronutrients
  • Contains antioxidants to scavenge free radicals
  • Ensures proper levels of key micronutrients for optimal performance
  • Formulated for the unique needs of athletes

Swiss Multi has been a game changer for my motivation to train. After a few weeks, I noticed my daily energy levels were just higher and that gave me the extra bit I needed to keep on track with my training plan.

Cari in Atlanta, GeorgiaCari in Atlanta, Georgia
What is inside?

What's Inside

SwissRX™ Multi-Vitamin?

Containing N-Acetyl Cysteine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Alpha Lipoic Acid alongside key vitamins and minerals, SwissRX™ Multi-Vitamin has been shown to increase your energy so that you can train harder and recover faster.

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SwissRX Multi-Vitamin

Think of your body like a sports car. Your car runs on gas (micronutrients). When you want to go faster you step on the gas and produce more energy (ATP), but you also create more waste in the form of the exhaust (free radicals).

The same thing happens in your body when you want to go fast. You need to create more energy, which requires more micronutrients. As you burn more fuel, you also create more free radicals (the exhaust) that you need to clean-up with powerful anti-oxidants.

SwissRX™ Multi-Vitamin supports your body in three main ways:

  • By providing the fuel that your body needs to perform at its best in the form of key micronutrients and amino acids
  • By increasing your bodies transport capacity, allowing these nutrients to enter your cells and be utilized by your mitochondria to make energy in the form of ATP
  • By cleaning up free radicals that are generated by the increased energy usage from hard training, reducing the risk of oxidative damage


How the formulation helps increase energy levels as we age: The study reviews how the combination of acetyl-l-carnitine and lipoic acid significantly improves metabolic function (i.e. energy production) in your mitochondria while decreasing oxidative stress (which appears to lead to cellular aging or poor athletic recovery). Here is a link to the study.

How keeping your energy production in your mitochondria optimized can delay aging and produce more cellular energy: The study looks at the key formula in SwissRX Multi-Vitamin of with lipoic acid and acetyl carnitine and how it can optimize metabolism that will slow aging. Here is a link to the study.

How the formulation's micronutrients can increase CD4 (While Blood Cell Counts) in immune compromised patients so that they are better able to fight off infection: This study was the basis for the SwissRX Multi-Vitamin Formula. Here is a link to the study.

Why SwissRX?

SwissRX set out to build a supplement company that the world's top athletes could trust. A company that would spare no expense in using only the finest ingredients proven by clinical science. Backed by numerous studies, SwissRX products are proven to work better.


Evidence Based

SwissRX always looks to science to source the world's best ingredients at the optimal therapeutic dosage



SwissRX is committed to sourcing the exact same ingredients used in clinical trials so you know that your supplements are working for you

Athlete focused

Athlete Focused

SwissRX products are always formulated to match the exact nutritional demands of high-performing athletes



SwissRX tests all raw ingredients for contaminants and manufactures products in dedicated encapsulation rooms to reduce the risk of cross-contamination