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Xact Nutrition Electrolytes Hydration




What we think

As they say, it's a "dialed down, easy to drink" version of common electrolyte tabs. 

The Sport Hydration Tabs from XACT have a clean, natural, and mild taste (the "dialed down" part we mentioned). They're not overwhelming or super fizzy, which we appreciate as well, and can be a huge asset to staying on top of hydration through the day.

Consuming the right quantities of electrolytes ensures optimal hydration by maximizing water absorption, as well as replenishing electrolytes lost during effort. Often tabs come a little light on the sodium-front, a key electrolyte, but not these. They come with ~500mg of sodium.

Why a tablet?

  • Simple dosage – you get XACTly the right amount in your bottle or hydration vest (1 tab per 17 oz water bottle [500 ml])
  • No scoop means no waste or mess
  • Highly portable
  • Customizable – adjust electrolyte concentration to suit your fluid needs 


  • Lightly Lemon: caffeine free - 480 mg sodium 
  • Citrus Bang: electrolytes as above + 50 mg of natural caffeine (guarana)
  • Cherry Berry: caffeine free - 480 mg sodium

How to Use Them:

Take these with you to work, the trailhead, or out to town so you have easily accessible electrolytes. Then, bring them with you if you want an on-the-go refill. That's the best part of the tabs!

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