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What we think

A variety of fun superfood bars that have a unique flavor, texture and nutritional value!

Founded on the principles of health, fitness, family and love, why bars are meant to bring customers the best superfood snack available. These bars are made with a unique set of flavors that will surprise your taste buds and your overall well being! Why bars will definitely give you that satisfying “feeling at my very best” when you use them as a snack in between meals, or fuel for energy.

We all love a bar that offers superfoods, is delicious & fuels you just right!

If you’re one of those people who overall lives a healthy lifestyle, it can be hard to find a healthy bar that offers just the same nutritional value as whole foods. Of course, nothing can really replace whole foods, however, this is a great alternative for anyone with a busy lifestyle! This brand works with athletes like you and i, and has come up with an organic, vegan, and gluten free bar that is also made with all natural ingredients for sustainable energy. 

Throw one or two bars in your gym bag for a filling snack before, during or after practice.

Now the big reveal… Taste and texture. This bar is a 10/10 on both categories. The flavors they offer are super unique and can definitely be super satisfying, especially when appetite can be a bit tricky. This bar has a nice bite and overall texture. Not too chewy, not too hard. Sort of like Goldilocks - Just Right!

The Feed Fave: Blueberry bliss is SO GOOD. It tastes like a healthy blueberry muffin bar.

How We Use It:

This is the perfect bar to eat in between meals, or as a pre/intra/post-workout fuel option. We like to keep a few in our workout bags for whenever we need a little “pick me up/yummy snack”!

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