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Vital Proteins Marine Collagen




What we think

Vital Proteins has a great line of collagen products for a variety of uses. Why collagen you ask? Collagen has been on the rise in the sports nutrition realm and some of its benefits include:

  • It may help improve tissue and cartilage repair (especially when taken before exercise or strength training)
  • It can improve gut health, which is great for athletes to make sure they are absorbing all of the nutrients they are eating
  • It contains 8 of the 9 essential amino acids, giving you the nutrients you need to recover

This product from Vital Proteins meets the needs of those pescatarian athletes out there! This Marine Collagen is made from the scale of fresh, non-GMO, wild-caught white fish. It is highly bioavailable, easy to digest, and is soluble in cold water (the powder form) making it easy to get your collagen in wherever you are. This supplement is beneficial for promoting youthful skin, healthier hair, stronger nails, and bone and join health.

All athletes, especially those who have experienced tendon, ligament, joint or muscle injuries, can benefit from including collagen in their daily fueling routines. This is why we love the Vital Proteins line!


The serving size for these capsules is six, so we like to split them up throughout the day to get the most nutrients. You can do two in the morning, afternoon, and evening or you could do three in the morning and three at night. If you get the powder form, dissolve one serving in water (hot or cold), your favorite beverage, smoothies, or oatmeal. However you prefer to take them, these supplements are a great way to boost collagen production and stay healthy from the inside out!

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