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Victus Endurance Pack




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Before (01) contains everything you need to get your workout going - from caffeine to amino acids that boost energy, build muscle, and aid performance. Not only that, but it provides a dose of salt (sodium and chloride) to ensure that as we start to sweat, our stores of electrolytes are ready to take it on.

During (02) has everything you need to fuel your training sessions, from 45 grams of carbohydrate per serving to 343mg of sodium; just 2 servings of their drink mix per hour will ensure you get the fuel you need to take you from hour 2 through hour 10 of your most challenging races and training sessions.

After (03) is the third and final product in the Victus lineup, and it is not to be forgotten. It packs in 20 grams of protein, extra branched-chain amino acids like leucine (to help jumpstart the muscle-building process), 10 grams of carbohydrate (which helps deliver protein into your muscles, woohoo!), as well as collagen and vitamin C, which also helps to make collagen in the body, further aiding the repair and recovery process.

What's inside:

  • 20 servings x 01 Before (10x Lemon & Pear | 10x Orange & Apple)
  • 20 servings x 02 During  (7x Apple & Lemon | 7x Pineapple & Citrus | x6 Strawberry & Lemon)
  • 20 servings x 03 After  (7x Orange & Mandarin | x7 Strawberry & Raspberry | x6 Apple & Lemon)

Containing 20 servings of each product, this bundle is for endurance athletes who are going the distance and ready to include Victus to take their training up a level. Those high-mileage weeks and many hours dedicated to training require plenty of fuel and hydration. You need to ensure you’re ready to go ahead of the session as well as able to recover after too. If this sounds like you, follow along.

Ideally, you’ll use all 3 products during long training sessions (1+ hours). First, start off with Victus Before (01), roughly 30 minutes ahead of your session, then take 1-2 servings of Victus During (02) each hour of your sessions that are over an hour in duration. This will keep you fueled up from a carbohydrate standpoint and your hydration tank full, too, as Victus During (02) packs not only carbohydrates but also electrolytes!

After you’ve finished, when you’re reflecting on the session you had, rip open a Victus After (03), mix it with water, and drink within an hour following to ensure you’re refilling the tank and allowing the muscles to recover.

This bundle is for the athlete who is committed and ready to go that next step further, using science to guide the way!

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