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What we think

Veo is an ultralight adhesive strip that channels sweat away from your eyes. You may ask, "Doesn't my hat or helmet do that?" Because Veo Strips channel sweat, rather than absorbing it, they don’t get soggy and saturated and start dripping on you like conventional absorbent features. They have unlimited capacity.

Sweat is great – it regulates body temperature through evaporation and aids in cooling our body. Veo doesn’t interfere with sweat’s job by soaking it up. It simply diverts sweat to the side, allowing for normal evaporative cooling. It acts like a type of cooling headband almost, without the sting of sweat dripping in your eyes.

Choose from a 6-pack or 30-pack.

Features & Benefits:

Unlimited Capacity

  • No absorption, no saturation and no dripping in the eyes.
  • Veo’s patented sweat-diverting channel ensures that sweat won’t interfere with performance.

Keeps You Cooler

  • Veo strips don't trap heat, allowing sweat to keep you cool, effectively functioning as a cooling headband.

Lightweight and Comfortable

  • Veo Strips are made of super soft material.
  • Each strip weighs less than 2 grams.

Color: Clear

How to Use It:

Apply the Veo Strip to CLEAN, DRY skin. Put it on before you start sweating or apply sunscreen or lotion. Apply from the center > outward and make sure the strip curves slightly downward with the end falling between your eyebrow and hairline. Press Veo firmly to your skin and enjoy sweat-free eyes!

We love it for riding, running, pickle ball, and more. It's versatile! 


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