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What we think

This is kitchen-crafted nutrition. By harnessing nature’s finest ingredients, the folks at Veloforte craft delicious, real food that is tasty, supports your performance, and is impressively clean. They’re meant for athletes and adventurers of any kind; made for the purpose and fit for the body.

Protein shakes shouldn’t be a challenge to gulp down. Indulge in the expertly crafted, velvety-smooth, and completely plant-based blend from Veloforte. These Protein shakes are designed to jumpstart your recovery, aid in maintaining lean muscle mass, and support overall well-being and gut health…not just jam down sugar and protein.

With a range of natural adaptogens, soothing spices, and complete proteins – from Ashwagandha to Maca, Ginseng to Açai– this is one well-rounded protein shake. With flavors like Vanilla & Cinnamon, Raspberry & Acai, and Coffee & Cocoa you can't go wrong.

How to Use It:

Improve your morning smoothie with a fast and delicious protein boost, bump up your morning pancake protein, beat the lunchtime slump with a comforting shake, or fuel yourself after a training session.

To effectively refuel yourself post-session, aim to drink this shake with some carbohydrates within 60 minutes of finishing exercise.

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